practicality now. A car worth 200,000 to 300,000 yuan is enough. When I really need to support the scene, I can ask my cousin or Xiaotang. What kind of car can’t be borrowed?” Bai Hui actually still wants to save money and buy another one. As for the house, her studio is an apartment with no purchase restrictions and is not considered her first home. She can also easily buy a large house.

In the eyes of her classmates, she is undoubtedly a rich little girl, but with friends like Zhu Juntang, she knows that her little money now is nothing, so she should take advantage of the booming development of online short videos to become a celebrity If you have a plump little white pig, why don’t you hurry up and save some money in your own little pig’s nest?
Maybe one day, your industry will go downhill, and the days of making easy money will come to an end, but the money you originally earned has been spent lavishly, so what can you do? It would be miserable to think that I would not be a rich woman and would not have a boyfriend by then!
“That makes sense. But I remembered something.”
“What’s up?”
“I found that the heroines in the novel all seemed to drive luxury cars, but none of them drove domestically produced new energy vehicles, which were branded BYD.” Liu Changan couldn’t help but laugh.
“Eh, yes.” Bai Hui pouted, “I’m not the heroine of a novel.”
She’s not even Liu Changan’s heroine! Hum hum!
“I remember there was a heroine named Ye Zhulan, who drove a limited edition Lamborghini Murcielago SV, and then got into a car accident. There was also a heroine named An Zhishui, who drove a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and bought a Porsche with her boyfriend , and later she drove a cow-painted Bentley with her good sister Han Yingai, and then she was cheated on by her good sister.”
/Liu Changan continued with some regret, “It’s a pity that the heroines who drive luxury cars are a bit miserable. The author may be telling everyone secretly that girls must drive domestically produced new energy vehicles in order to be safe and not have a green head.”
“I don’t even have a boyfriend! If I want to have sex, I’ll have sex with someone else!” Bai Hui was a bit sensitive, suspecting that Liu Changan had something to do with him, and spoke angrily and loudly while holding his neck.
He even wanted to give him a few bear bumps from behind.
“You want to cheat on someone else, and why are you so loud?”
“I will kill you!”
When she got home, Zhou Shuling had already come back and was sitting on the sofa taking off her stockings. She had worn high heels for a rare day today and her toes were a little sore. She rubbed a few toes while looking up at Zhou Dongdong who was strutting around, “Today is the day of white.” Sister, are you treating me to a treat? Did you say thank you, sister?”
“Sister Bai treated us to a cow!” Zhou Dongdong waved the beef ribs in his hand like a helicopter.
“Ah!” Zhou Shuling couldn’t believe it. Without her, how could they eat a cow? No, even if you add yourself, you can’t eat a cow!
/The last time we ate cam