d its eyes and spoke quickly, with a confused look on its face.

“If you keep pretending to me, I’ll crush you to death!” Wang Xuan grabbed its bear head and used a little force to make it howl.
He threatened: “Speak our language. I know it must be in your database. If you say nonsense again, I will turn you into a rotten watermelon.”
/“Niwalagagua!” It blinked its big eyes, looking innocent, still speaking in inaudible alien language, and spreading its plump bear paws.
Wang Xuan used his strength and was really hit in the head. He crushed it into pieces and scattered the metal pieces on the ground. The mini bear stretched out its body and made no movement.
“I’ll go, Brother Wang, you are really aggressive. What will we do after it dies?” Ma Chaofan was shocked.
“Did you kill him accidentally?” Aoki also rubbed his hands anxiously.
“It’s okay, it is a mechanical intelligence with extraordinary attributes. Its body contains active metals and can come back to life quickly.” Wang Xuan stared at the ground and said, “If you pretend to be dead again, I will refine you with the fire of Samadhi.” Transform it and use it as materials to repair other extraordinary treasures.”
“No, I was distracted just now.” The metal blocks on the ground turned into liquid and quickly regrouped together to become a silly little bear.
“It’s so cute!” Wu Yin said. This little bear was already talking human words, and its database included old dialects.
“Gouzi, hand over your authority and tell your origins, otherwise you will disappear completely.” Wang Xuan said coldly, intimidating the little bear and putting pressure on it.
Zhao Qinghan was stroking the “dog’s head” and comforting it gently, saying: “Don’t lie, he is a demon cultivator, otherwise he will really refine you into his combat boots.”
“I surrender, I admit defeat!” The little bear simply gave up the resistance, and then looked like he had no hope for life, letting go of his mechanical heart and handing over his authority.
After Wang Xuan obtained the authority, he asked Qingmu, Zhao Qinghan, and Wu Yin to also obtain it. Finally, he touched the little bear’s head and said, “Don’t be upset. You are much more powerful than mechanical birds and big wolf dogs. I have educated them all.” .”
“Okay, I’ll do whatever you say.” The little bear obeyed, blinked his big eyes, and started to act cute.
Wang Xuan patted the back of its head. He didn’t like this, mainly because the mechanical bird didn’t leave a good impression on him.
“Stop it, what a cute bear. Others raise tiger cubs or pandas. I raise a metal bear. It’s so fun.” Wu Yin said with a smile.
“Return to Xinxing!” Wang Xuan said.
Little Bear shook his head: “We can’t go back. Before we left, we were being hunted. There were a large number of warships on the other side of the wormhole, and there was a melee. If we turn around now, we will be beaten into scraps.”
“Where are you going now? You don’t want to trick us, do you?” Aoki said coldly.
/“I handed over all my authority. Life and death are in