ce war temple.

Even if Lord Arthur has some ability to isolate the faith network, the Space War Temple can still maintain a strong defense.
Archbishop Choate took everything to the extreme for safety.
/Moreover, Archbishop Choate did not think of hiding the purpose of Lord Arthur’s actions. He even deliberately allowed his subordinates to leak information, so that the news that the War Temple wanted to attack Garmis spread.
On Garmi Star, ever since Speaker Gould notified the operation of the Temple of David’s War, the intelligence system of the ‘Dawn Alliance’ and the information provided by Annabelle Legend’s own connections have been continuously transmitted through the lord-level contact circle.
This allowed David to clearly grasp the locations of the three huge space war temples in the War Temple and make early preparations.
/David also used the past few days to tidy up Garmi and put away a large number of precious materials and equipment.
The cube super-intelligent system was taken into the small world of soul space by him. This intelligent system cannot be purchased in the Interstellar Federation even if it has credits.
Even if David uses the identity of General David, deputy commander of the federal headquarters, it will be very troublesome. Super intelligence systems like the cube need to be customized, and the customization time is very long.
David doesn’t want the Cube Super Intelligence System to be lost, especially since there is a large amount of data he has saved in the Cube Super Intelligence System, which is even more important than the Cube Super Intelligence System.
That research room was also moved entirely to the small world of soul space by David and connected to the cube super-intelligent system.
In the future, if he wants to use the research room, he can control it directly through consciousness. In the small world of the soul space, David is the master, and he can control everything at will.
Only part of the defensive weapons were left on the surface of Garmi.
As for the various plants on Garmis, David didn’t care. His truly valuable plants were all managed by the Eldar in the ‘artifact space card’ and the small world of the soul space.
Although the cube super intelligence system was put away by David, Garmising still retains a large server as a backup intelligence system. It is enough when there is no need to consider other matters and only focus on manipulating defensive weapons.
David was not prepared to leave like this, and he was unwilling to do so without trying to defend himself.
He had put a lot of thought into making Jiamixing from desolate to lush and lush now. This was also his true home in the divine world, a planet that belonged exclusively to him.
David was prepared. If the ‘Super Star Destroyer’ and various defensive weapons were ineffective, he would not stay here to fight against the Temple of War.
The huge Space War Temple is a small moving world for the God of War. Within the area of ??the Space War Temple, the God of War can use the power of faith to gather