ctress, who was also the favorite actress of his predecessor.

David couldn’t help but feel contempt for his predecessor who applied the voice and name of actress Emma to the smart butler and spent a large sum of credits to obtain the right to use it.
I guess this is the attribute of an otaku. It is the same whether in the previous life or here.
Normally, David would only eat fortified meat once a day. This was a supplementary requirement based on his body’s needs. But today, after practicing the 18 movements of Taijutsu, he clearly felt that his body needed a lot of energy. If It is ordinary food, the effect will be very poor, and it may even affect his practice tomorrow.
“Master, your credit point balance is only 1320 points. This amount is no longer enough to order fortified meat next month!” Emma, ??the smart butler, reminded David while he was dining.
Only then did David remember that his predecessor was frantically buying the materials needed for the sacrifice and had invested all his wealth in it.
Looking through the memories in his mind, he quickly felt relieved.
Because his income was not large, his mother Cathy had already prepared his future life before she committed suicide. He also had two commercial properties in other cities, which were managed by agencies. He can receive an income of 20,000 credits every month.
It’s just that his predecessor didn’t care about these two properties and had no memory of where the two properties were. But just judging from the income of 20,000 credit points, it can be imagined that those two properties must be extremely important.
/Twenty thousand credit points is already a considerable amount of wealth for most ordinary people whose usual monthly income is only three thousand credit points.
So he didn’t have to worry about living expenses at all, not to mention that even though he didn’t want to, Hans would transfer two thousand credits to his identity card for living expenses every month.
Although he doesn’t have many credit points at this time, it will only affect a few days at the beginning of next month. After the agency company transfers the rent, he can resume normal expenses.
“Ding dong, ding dong!” The electronic doorbell rang.
David stopped the smart housekeeper Emma from opening the door. At the same time, he complained about the unreliability of the smart housekeeper Emma. It was so late and he was the only one living here. How could he open the door for others casually.
He put down the knife in his hand, turned on his identity bracelet, and called up the image of the door of the residence. His identity bracelet managed all the security systems of the residence.
/In the image, he saw a thin middle-aged man wearing a federal service uniform. On the chest of the service uniform, a golden badge shimmered.
David immediately recognized this middle-aged man. This was his father in this body, Hans Kerr, and the badge on his chest was the ‘National Soldier’ ??badge.
At this time, David also understood why the smart housekeeper Emma was ready to open the