ed into the prosperous area of ??the human race. As a result, when Tongtian arrived, the remaining woman seemed to have been treated horribly. At that time, Tongtian completely exploded. He planned to practice Earth Feng Shui Fire again, but was stopped by the Human Emperor and Jun who arrived, and seemed to have sealed this part of his memory. Later, when the Human Emperor came to this negative plane, he even deliberately pulled Tongtian, probably I am also afraid that he will recall something in the ancient continent and practice earth, feng shui and fire again.”

“So, what do you think will be the result if this Babel returns?”
Xihe laughed again and said: “Tongtian is the son of mankind and the protagonist of the era. He is also the most famous human hero in the ancient continent. He is only slightly inferior to the Human Emperor. His return brings the power of a high-level demon god. Coupled with the great luck that is not inferior to the reincarnation of the Human Emperor, human beings’ luck will be split into two parts, and they will still be in endless internal friction. Do you know what this means? This means that human beings are likely to It will consume all the great fortune internally, and even lead to the extinction of the human race!”
“I decided to participate in the actions of the Celestial Clan and sacrifice hundreds of clans with blood. At the same time, while the great destiny of the human race is splitting, I will kill the holders of the great destiny of the human race. We cannot fight the reincarnation of the Human Emperor, but we can find others to do it. , the entire earth is also so big, at least with the current strength of the Human Emperor, it cannot take care of both. In this case, I decided to call on the other eight powerful clans to launch a final battle, codenamed ”
“Human calamity!”
/After Xihe made the decision, several elven holy souls left one after another, and Xihe was sitting there. She frowned and waved her hand, and an energy light curtain appeared in front of her, and behind the energy light curtain , an elf is lobbying several elven nobles, as well as some real demon-level elves and high-level holy spirits, but it seems that his lobbying is not attractive, and everyone around him shows a lack of interest.
“Kaelsus Jun, Xihe is already dirty. Not only his body, but also his mind and soul are dirty. He has been played with for countless years and many dirty thoughts have been imposed on him. He is no longer worthy of facing you. I I know that this is just a small piece of your soul, not the real you, but facing you who is so radiant, I, a woman covered in filth, can no longer get close to you.”
“I can give up everything, Jun, the love of my life. As long as I can protect you, it doesn’t matter even if you are broken into pieces. But humans are really untrustworthy. They are not saviors. They are as cruel as all our races. So, I will do this last thing for you, destroy humanity so that you can slowly grow in this dimension, and eventually attract other soul fragments from