tning was like sharp lightning. The sword generally shrouded the emerald skull, and in an instant, the emerald skull was trapped in thousands of purple thunder swords.

Not to mention that, Gong Yeyu picked up the purple thunder knife and rushed forward. The knife fell on his head, and its target was the strong man between the eyebrows of the emerald skull.
/All of this happened so fast that the two men behind the strong man had no time to rush forward. What greeted them were thousands of purple thunder swords, which all struck the emerald skeleton with a burst of crackling sounds. On the head, at the beginning, patches of green light appeared on the head of the emerald skull. The purple thunder sword could not penetrate at all. The green light was decomposed and dissipated upon contact. However, the purple thunder sword seemed to have an endless supply. Wave after wave of waves rushed over it, and the green light continued to melt away at a speed visible to the naked eye. In less than a second, the green light was forcibly melted into a big hole, and At this moment, Gong Yeyu rushed in with a knife, rushed into the surface of the emerald skull along the green light hole, and struck the emerald skull between the eyebrows with a snap.
There was no sound or explosion. Gong Yeyu seemed to have just slashed it with his sword very casually, and then the entire emerald skull, about twenty or thirty meters in size, actually cracked open inch by inch, with one gap, two gaps, densely packed. Gaps were all over the entire skull, and with another crisp sound, the entire huge emerald skull turned into countless debris and dissipated into the void.
The strong man was shocked and frightened. When he was exposed from the huge emerald skull, he immediately roared loudly. He didn’t care about anything else. He raised the emerald skull the size of a fist in his hand and kept spraying it upwards. Obsession, he probably chewed his own tongue to pieces, but no matter how much he sprayed his obsession, the emerald skull the size of a fist in his hand turned dull, and no longer had the green color like water droplets before, just like A green stone generally remains motionless.
After Gong Yeyu slashed out with his sword casually, his face looked a little pale, but his whole person was extremely excited. He immediately let out a sinister laugh and ignored the strong man who kept spouting obsession, and looked directly at Behind the strong man, the blond young man and the blond beauty had stopped in mid-air.
“This, this is swallowing spirits?! Let’s go! Let’s go!”
Both the blond young man and the blond beauty had witnessed the whole process of the battle. It seemed that they were too light. Even if Gong Yeyu slashed out with a light sword, the skull would be shattered immediately, and no matter how the strong man moved it, , actually no longer able to use the slightest bit of power of the natural weapon of civilization, the blonde beauty didn’t feel anything, but the blond young man was so shocked that his hair stood on e