en he said it. It was as if he was talking about what he had for dinner. It was so easy that it made people feel chilled. Moreover, he Although his eyes are bright, there are bursts of death inside. God knows what he has experienced in the past year or so, and he is actually much crazier than Leng Jian, the alien murderer.

Wang Jun sighed and originally planned to say something, but Leng Jian spoke first and said: “Wang Jun, you don’t need to persuade me. Everyone here, whether it’s me, you, them, or even those who don’t Among the so-called high-level intellectuals who eat the flesh and blood of foreign races, which one has no blood feud with foreign races? It’s just that everyone’s way of expression, or determination to express, is different. In fact, what Salu said is really right. What will the future of mankind be like for us? I don’t know, but what about our future? Wang Jun, if you really intend to open up a path for the future of mankind so that our descendants don’t have to live in this pain, this fear, this killing and fear, then your future and ours There is only one thing, and that is”
“Kill! Kill!! Kill!!!”
As Leng Jian spoke, he pointed to the faint lights in the distance. There, there was indeed a light shining brightly. When viewed from this extreme distance, the lights looked like stars falling from the sky to the earth. It was really impressive. With a hint of indescribable beauty and mystery.
Everyone has seen the buildings of the elves, even the most ordinary residential buildings, which look artistic and beautiful. Moreover, the elves have weapons, armors, and even those made of human bones. Be it magic weapons, they are all made with artistic beauty. The city in front of us, looming in the night, actually looks so beautiful and elegant.
It’s just that Wang Jun and others are here to kill the aliens and set fire to them. They don’t care whether the city is beautiful or not. Everyone’s eyes are just paying attention to whether the city’s defense is tight or not.
The elf city in front of us seems to occupy a very large area, but unlike the square cities in ancient China, this city has a majestic-looking fortress in the center, and there are many earthworks around it. Building houses, and around this large area of ??civil construction houses, there is just a small fence, no more than three meters high. This height is not a problem at all for Wang Jun and others who are preparing to raid.
/“This is a castle-like building in the Western Middle Ages. The outside is where civilians live. It is not a problem for us to raid there. The real difficulty lies in the castle. To be honest, except for me and Wang Jun, the rest of the people You may have to pay casualties before you can break into it.” Leng Jian looked at the Elf Castle in front of him and said with a hint of worry.
/Another middle-aged man next to him also came over and said: “I have done some research on the history of the European Middle Ages. For castles like this, their lords and troops all live in the castle. If we just blend into