about the outside of the Tower of Babel here!”

Just before, a few minutes ago, when Yang Dingtian discovered that the world he was in was a famous comedy movie “Kung Fu”, he suddenly saw a phantom appearing next to him. The phantom clearly looked like She had been in contact with the mysterious Valkyrie before, but she seemed not to know all of it. Not only did she not know Yang Dingtian, she had never even heard of the word Valkyrie, and she even called herself Nuwa. Yang Dingtian’s combat power was relieved in an instant.
But then, this ghost-like shadow did not attack Yang Dingtian. Instead, he started talking to Yang Dingtian, hoping to learn from him what was going on in the world outside the Tower of Babel, especially about the man named Valkyrie. The woman seemed very interested in the general.
/Although Yang Dingtian’s level of intelligence is not comparable to that of Valkyrie or Pei Jiao, he has his own way of thinking. As far as he thinks, no matter what happens, betraying his partners is absolutely impossible. Although he doesn’t know the situation in front of him yet What did Xuying want to do, but he had already made up his mind not to say anything. At most, he would lose his life. Anyway, he had already died once, but it was a pity that he could not find his sister before he died.
/So after having such an awareness, no matter how the phantom asked him, he remained silent. And the phantom did not resort to torture to extract confessions, but asked a few questions, but did not After getting the answer, he immediately changed his approach and began to explain to Yang Dingtian the creation of the universe, especially the issues of light Gaia, dark Gaia, and the origin of human beings in the central prehistoric world.
The shadow who claimed to be Nuwa was neither angry nor angry. Instead, she glanced at Yang Dingtian and said, “Because first of all, I want you to know that we are not hostile, because you and I are all human beings, and we are not the ones in front of you. Phantom, we are all real humans, so even if you don’t tell me the information about the outside world, I will tell you this part of the information, just to let you take this information out.”
Yang Dingtian was stunned when he heard this. He asked strangely: “Why? Let me take this information back. What good will it do to you?”
Nuwa laughed and said: “It’s very simple, because the Valkyrie you mentioned before is 80% likely to be my subject. For some reasons, she must not have this memory now, so as long as she lets Once you know these things, as long as you really know her, then this information will definitely be known to her in the future. In this case, the value of you bringing this information out will be achieved.”
Yang Dingtian pondered for another moment, then suddenly asked: “Then what is the Samsara Team? What is the Conferred God Plan? And where is this place? Is it in the Babel Tower?”
“I can’t tell you what the reincarnation team and the Conferred God Plan are, because after you leave here, you are likely to die. As