s asked me to ask you, what is the magic sequence you just joined? We are suddenly able to perceive the outside world.”

Hull was overjoyed, as if long-time friends were meeting again. Old Man Moon can indeed be regarded as one of his best friends.
After being ecstatic, he was very interested in Old Man Moon’s current state.
“How to perceive?” Hull asked immediately. There are many ways to perceive the external world in magic, which are not limited to eyes and ears. There are also methods such as mind scanning and blind sense. He himself is in this area. expert.
The magic thread quickly stretched and twisted, transforming into another line of text.
“It feels very strange. We can see everything outside inside, but it is a little different from what we have seen before. There is no color, and the objects we see have no shadows, but they are very clear.”
Hull searched in his mind. He didn’t know much about this kind of perception. He could only confirm that it was definitely not the function of blind sense and thoughts.
“Anyway, it feels good. At least my partner and I won’t feel lonely anymore. She said that maybe one day, we can come out of here.” Mosi changed again.
“Do you have a way to resurrect him?” Hel asked. Of course he was not asking Old Man Moon, but the old man’s person.
The magic thread quickly dispersed and turned into a long text.
“Resurrection? We don’t know whether we are dead or alive now, so we haven’t thought about resurrection.
/“I have been a human being for decades, and I don’t feel how happy I am as a living person. On the contrary, I feel pretty good now. It’s just that I’m attached to this thread and it’s not convenient to move. Maybe you can help if you have the opportunity. We make another body that allows us to move the way we did before.”
Hull was a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and said helplessly: “This requirement seems a bit high. In the field of magic, I am still a layman who has never started.”
The magic thread floated motionless in mid-air, as if the two souls attached to it were conversing. After a while, another long text was formed.
“My person said that she might be able to help you. She used to be a magician, but now she is like this. Although she can’t use magic, she can control everything here. She can even change the order and position of the magic sequence. .
“Now she is studying the special magic sequences you have newly set up. There must be the key to letting us move freely. If it is successful, she will tell you what needs to be done.”
Hel was slightly startled.
Old Man Moon’s words reminded him of a magic weapon.
He once heard the Immortal King mention that there is a legendary magic weapon that can evolve on its own. This kind of magic weapon is called a “spiritual weapon”.
In the long history, the number of spiritual weapons is smaller than the number of divine weapons, and the existing spiritual weapons are more famous than the divine weapons.
/Is this how spiritual weapons come from?
After refining the magic tool to break the shield, h