se of the murder weapon. The body must not be hidden far away. It is most likely hidden in the garden, so let us Dig the garden.”

Wei Renwu shook his head and said: “Stop it, Xiaoyue really doesn’t know anything, he just knows how to give directions blindly. If there are other relevant clues hidden in the garden, won’t they all be destroyed by digging like this?”
Xiao Wei listened to Wei Renwu’s words. Since Wei Renwu wouldn’t let them dig, he immediately threw away the hoe and ordered other policemen: “Put down the hoe and stop digging.”
The policemen threw away their hoes.
Xiao Wei asked again: “Mr. Wei, what should we do now?”
Wei Renwu pointed at the door and said, “You can go home. Leave this place to me.”
Xiao Wei said with some embarrassment: “The captain asked me to find some clues and go back, but now I have to go back without finding anything. I’m afraid it won’t be easy to explain to the captain.”
/Wei Renwu said: “You don’t need to explain anything to her. I will find the clues here. If you want to explain, I will also explain to him. Now you just need to take your people and leave here.”
Xiao Wei said: “In that case, I will leave first and leave this place to you, Mr. Wei.”
Wei Renwu nodded.
Xiao Wei directed a group of police officers and shouted: “Close the team.”
Xiao Wei and others have left, and this place belongs to Wei Renwu alone for the time being. Time is running out, and he must find clues as soon as possible.
When Wei Renwu walked into the villa, he was hit by the smell of detergent, which was very strong.
/Wei Renwu found a pair of plastic gloves in the kitchen and put them on. First, he checked the kitchen utensils. There were traces of washing on the surface of the dishes and chopsticks.
There was also a refrigerator in the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and saw that there was still half a bottle of Lafite red wine that had been opened.
Wei Renwu took out the bottle of red wine, couldn’t help but lift the bottle, blew into his mouth, and said to himself with satisfaction: “Good wine, but it’s a pity that it has been opened, and a lot of the alcohol smell has escaped.”
Wei Renwu picked up the red wine and walked towards the living room. Even the living room still smelled of detergent, which showed how strong the smell of detergent was.
Wei Renwu only glanced at the living room, then walked to the second floor. The corridor on the second floor was also full of the smell of detergent. He checked each room, and he only glanced at each room. He did not stop until he reached the master bedroom. .
Wei Renwu looked at the opened bed in the master bedroom and the bloody glass shards under the bed. He took out a lighting rod from his waist and walked to the window and closed the curtains because it was already dusk. Behind the curtains, the room was dark.
Wei Renwu turned on the lighting stick, which emitted a dim blue light, and the entire room was enveloped in blue light.
This is not an ordinary lighting stick, it is a kind of blue light that can be used to identify fingerp