se makes a fuss, the only possibility for the soul organization of that country is to perish.”

“After that, the government of that country urgently notified our country, and I persuaded us for a long time, and then the matter was settled. Not only did that country hold its nose and admit the matter, but it also compensated us with five ordinary hands. A natural weapon, when we went to another country to exchange for obsession food, that special soul only dared to accept half of our ordinary obsession food. It was this big battle that made Gong Yeyu the strongest in the world. And he is extremely protective of his shortcomings. If you bite me, I will definitely kill your whole family. After that, there were several battles. Until now, I dare to go to Europe to exchange for obsession food. Otherwise, do you think the soul world is really real? Is it so peaceful? It’s not about the jungle of the jungle, thousands of capacities of obsession food! It’s enough capacity to make even high-level escapees jealous. Do you think someone else would dare to go alone? It has to be a country’s escapees and free souls. Dare to go.”
After Pei Jiao thought about it carefully, he felt that this was indeed the case. Not to mention the world of the soul, which respected power, even the secular world was like this. If one dares to have huge wealth without strength and status, the result must be If he died an unexpected death, otherwise those ordinary people who won millions in lottery tickets would not have left their families behind, just took the money with their whole family and remained anonymous. This is the fact!
Yang Xuguang laughed. He took a few puffs of the cigarette butt in his hand until he could no longer smell the smell of cigarette. Then he said: “Come on, come on, take a look at the share of obsession food I have allocated to you.” , with a total capacity of two thousand, respectively”
“One hundred and fifty capacity cigarettes, a total of one hundred and fifty packs, one capacity per pack, then five hundred capacity of rice, a total of fifty kilograms, an average of ten capacity per kilogram, and then five hundred capacity of flour, It’s also fifty kilograms, with an average capacity of ten per kilogram, and there are vegetables, meat, peppers, salt and other seasonings, a total of two thousand capacities of obsession food.”
/While Yang Xuguang was talking, he took out rice bags, flour bags, and some vegetable, meat, and seasoning bags. They were placed all over the hall. The capacity of each package was written on the outside. Ratio conversion of one kilogram.
/It was only then that Yang Xuguang said to Pei Jiao seriously: “What I am going to say next, you must remember carefully. Three meals a day, each meal can only consume no more than 20 volumes of obsession food. , this is only if your own obsession is tenacious and can accommodate two standard amounts of energy. If you are an ordinary free soul like Yang Dingtian, you can only eat no more than ten volumes of obsession food per meal. Remember, if there is to