again, and then said: “In short, I have a certain responsibility for this matter. I will explain this matter to the senior management in detail afterwards. The top priority is to return to Beijing first. We must first These manifested ghosts must be dealt with.”

The middle-aged official still smiled bitterly. He nodded and said, “What happened this time happened very suddenly. I think you probably don’t know yet, right? The Soul Organization in India also has the same plan as you. They plan to take advantage of the opportunity before the New Year.” At the right time, they entered it when the strength of the ghosts in the fantasy land was weakened, opened up the land for a while, and then returned to wait for the end of the year. However, their main team never came out after entering it. Before, India was recruiting escapees and survivors all over the world. Free souls try to enter their fantasy land to save people, and to be honest, the manifestation of ghosts in New Delhi, India, is much worse than ours.”
The middle-aged official looked at the four people with doubts on their faces. He sighed and continued: “India had already discovered that something was wrong with their main team before. Any free souls who entered the fantasy land of hungry ghosts did not come out, so they guessed It may be that something drastic has happened in the Hungry Ghost Realm, but these Asan are really cunning, or they may be planning to make other countries suffer the same losses. They did not tell any other countries about this information, but only spread it around the world. A task to recruit a team was posted on the mission.”
Gong Yeyu was silent for a moment, a trace of anger flashed in his eyes, and then he said in a deep voice: “Indian Asan is waiting for this matter, I will go to them for some trouble, in short, you can tell me more about this ghost manifestation It’s something that happened in advance, the fantasy land has undergone drastic changes, I don’t know if there are any other changes besides the advance in time for the ghost’s manifestation this time.”
The middle-aged official nodded and continued: “Almost all cities around the world where the headquarters of the soul organization are located have experienced ghost manifestations. Except for countries that have been prepared for it and the main team members have not entered the fantasy land, most of the other countries We have suffered some losses, but in countries like our country, India, and Germany, where almost the entire capital is agitated by ghosts and monsters, we are the only three. The number of ghosts that have materialized this time is extremely large. In Beijing alone There are approximately thousands of known embodied ghosts, and most of them have the strength to enter the demon level, and a few have the strength to reach the peak of the demon level.”
/Yang Xuguang suddenly interjected from the side: “And it seems that real demon-level ghosts have appeared? Do real demon-level ghosts appear in other countries?”
The middle-aged official nodded ag