o who can use special means to accelerate, the distance of 1,500 meters is just a short distance. Only seven or eight seconds!

In seven or eight seconds, with the bow-drawing speed of the centaur, at least ten to fifteen arrows can be shot! The power of the arrow was so terrifying that it was like a small missile. Even a tough demon-level ghost like the Pseudo-Tauren could not stop it. It was directly pierced by the arrow. Although it had not dissipated, the The dark gold skin became dull again, almost turning into white skin, so Pei Jiao definitely did not want to be exposed to the power of the arrow, and this was the reason why he became a thunder giant.
When Pei Jiao turned into a thunder and lightning giant, a round ball of thunder and lightning immediately began to condense in his hand. However, the ball of thunder and lightning did not condense much because the centaur not far away began to draw his bow and shoot arrows again, so he did not care. Not sure whether the power of this lightning ball was insufficient, he raised his hand and threw it at the centaur shooter.
With a loud bang, the thunder and lightning ball collided with the arrow in mid-air. The thunder and lightning ball exploded immediately. Although it was not powerful enough to completely offset the power of the arrow, it still caused a lot of damage. The arrow missed the direction and shot out dozens of meters away from the crowd.
Pei Jiao was secretly stunned. He was frightened to the extreme by the power of the arrows fired by the centaur. However, he also gained some confidence in killing the centaur. Whatever you gain, you will lose. This axiom is not only for living people. What is useful for people and souls is also true for ghosts!
If long-range is great, then short-range must be a weakness!
/There was another roar and explosion, and another lightning ball in Pei Jiao’s hand collided with the arrow again. The arrow was still blown to the side, and at this time, the positions of both sides were only a thousand. About meters.
But when Pei Jiao gathered the lightning ball this time, his eyes jumped sharply, because the centaur in front of him actually took out several arrows. Yes, the centaur held at least five arrows in his hand and took aim. After killing three people, it actually planned to shoot five arrows at once?
This time the speed of the centaur’s arrows has obviously slowed down a lot, and it takes at least one second to aim at everyone. During this time, the lightning ball in Pei Jiao’s hand has been condensed, and he no longer waits for the centaur to continue aiming. He had violently thrown the lightning ball forward in his hand, and at the same time, the centaur’s five arrows also shot out together, and the two collided in mid-air again.
Only this time, five arrows shot out from the flash of explosion!
Although the accuracy of these five arrows was interfered, so none of them hit anyone, but the nearest arrow was only three or four meters away from Pei Jiao and John, where the arrow penetrated Afterwards, both of them s