in the virtual space this time was extremely grainy and hoarse and had a lingering sadness. It was exactly the same as the voice that sounded in the hospital that day and that he kept for several years after his injury.

The only difference is
/Lin Yuan’s throat no longer hurts.
Xuying still spoke in a calm tone.
Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up.
What is remixing?
Technically speaking, mixing is to achieve a comfortable balance of each timbre and part through fancy control of volume, to better integrate various recordings into a whole, and to create various special effects.
This requires the help of technology.
Just like stir-fry in daily life, all kinds of ingredients are prepared for you. Mixing is to stir-fry the ingredients into delicious dishes. The mixer controls the heat, mixes the saltiness and saltiness, and creates stir-fry tricks from time to time.
Some singers can bring their own mixing without a machine. This is one of the must-learn subjects in vocal music, because there are four resonances in singing voice, namely oral resonance, nasal resonance, chest resonance and head cavity resonance.
Lin Yuan knows all this.
Of course, whether you can do it or not is one thing, and whether you can do it well or not is another matter. Lin Yuan can do it fairly well. He can even handle the most difficult head cavity resonance with sound and color, but this is the confusion of ordinary people. sound.
Lin Yuan is different.
He now has three voices. Although it is impossible for all three voices to sound at the same time, Lin Yuan can vaguely merge them to produce a chorus-like sound. This balance is very difficult to achieve, but when singing “Liangliang” , the last line of the lyrics already has an internal flavor, and Wu Long even specifically praised this point at the time, which shows that this path is feasible.
“get out of class has ended.”
Xuying said: “The practice of mixing three voices with each other is not something that can be accomplished overnight. You must first master the smoke voice yourself. Without the smoke voice, the mixing effect cannot be perfect.”
Lin Yuan’s heart moved.
He returned to reality, still in his own bed. He stood up and found a suitable posture for singing, and then looked for the mutant smoke voice that he had just explored in the system space, only to find that the feeling disappeared again.
The brain knows it.
I don’t know my voice yet.
The virtual space is studied by the brain, and one’s own image is also virtual, so practice in reality is the most important, but since the brain has already mastered it, it is not too difficult to make that kind of sound.
Take a deep breath.
Lin Yuan continued to practice.
After half an hour, he had basically mastered the cigarette voice. After all, this was the state of his voice when his voice was broken. In systematic terms, there was indeed a so-called muscle memory, and Lin Yuan would not feel unfamiliar at all.
“This is just great.”
Lin Yuan smiled.
outside world.
“Damn it! The recording is definite