the souls of more than 150 people are destroyed. The soldiers immediately raised their hands, and using this hexagonal symbol to form a formation, a translucent light curtain appeared above their heads, intercepting these dark light balls.

But these dark light balls are attacks from the sky dragon after all. Although they are projections, they are of the same demon king level as Gong Yeyu, even more powerful than the one that appeared on Easter Island. These dark light balls As soon as it was blocked, the translucent light curtain shattered into pieces like glass, and these dark light balls fell violently and exploded after falling into the formation, exerting an unimaginable force. In the formation, a dark circle of light spread out in ripples. When this dark circle of light dissipated, more than 150 soul soldiers all turned into twisted pieces of paper, inches thick. , and then exploded in mid-air.
/(Yes, I almost forgot about this thing. The sky dragon projection is really a big help!)
Pei Jiao immediately looked up to the sky in surprise. The sky dragon’s huge body was flying above the nine heavens, and the dark aura field was also spreading downwards. It was a projection of a demon king level, still completely made of Yu Neodymium. Under the control of Chen Chen, this assistance was much more powerful than Gong Yeyu’s. At least, Men Neodymium Chen would never control the Sky Dragon to go deep behind enemy lines, and abandon the safety of this large group of companions. She was not so reckless.
“Okay! Yu Neodymium Chen, first deal with these spaceships and blow them up. The soul army will lose control. Each of us will choose a main battleship to attack.”
When Pei Jiao was roaring in surprise, suddenly from far away, above the base in the center of the city, a thundercloud composed purely of purple thunder and lightning spread violently. At the same time, a series of violent explosions appeared. That side exploded in mid-air, and the most strange thing was that the explosion was not composed of fire, but pure purple thunder and lightning, and there was a black-yellow streak in the purple thunder and lightning. The light group, an eight-color light group, kept struggling, but this purple thunder cloud was very tough. No matter how hard the two large light groups struggled, they could not break through. However, within a few seconds, two explosions were heard. A shrill, violent howl.
“Gong Yeyu! I will fight with you! Let’s die together!”
“How is it possible? What is this!”
At the same time as these two voices came, the black-yellow light group suddenly expanded and split, turning into a black-and-yellow metal giant pillar. However, in an instant, the metal pillar swelled up when it saw the wind, a hundred meters, two meters high. In the last two or three seconds before and after 100 meters, 500 meters, or 1,000 meters, this giant metal pillar grew to a length of seven or eight kilometers, and a thickness of hundreds or nearly a thousand meters. From a distance, it really looked like a pillar holding up the