ower. When he said these words, his voice became more and more severe. Although the voice was still very low, the people in power around him were already covered in sweat. They all lowered their heads slightly, and even the old man who was speaking had his eyes twitching. The very obvious meaning of the word “material” scared even him.

These soldiers were trembling with fear. One of them quickly said: “The staff just said that there seems to be a problem with the satellite surveillance system.”
The old man narrowed his eyes and then said: “Is it because of the satellite department? There are other people in charge over there. If there is a problem, it won’t be difficult for us. But you have to check clearly and make sure that there is a problem with the satellite, otherwise there will be consequences I don’t need to say more anyway, right?”
The man quickly said: “It’s not that there’s something wrong with the satellite.”
/“What?” The old man seemed to have a bad temper, or maybe he had a bad temper because of being frightened. He almost yelled just now. It wasn’t until he looked here from a distance that he lowered his voice and said, “Again. There is a problem with the satellite surveillance system, but there is no problem with the satellite. What is going on? You are fooling me!”
The man quickly lowered his head and said: “No, no, the satellite is indeed still intact in the sky, but the image and sound system on the satellite cannot be transmitted down. In addition to proving that the satellite is intact, no satellite can transmit Western Europe Surveillance information from the Soul Army Headquarters is transmitted to the ground, but strangely, surveillance information from other places can be easily transmitted. The problem is still unknown, so ”
“The information from the Western European Soul Army Headquarters cannot be transmitted?”
“Hehehe, wouldn’t it be enough if the information here cannot be transmitted out?”
In the central square in the city, the only people staying here were Rocky and Xue Na. Luo Qi was concentrating on sketching the blood sacrifice formation on the ground, while Xue Na was watching curiously. At this time, Xue Na accidentally raised her head and looked at the sky.
/Rocky chuckled and said, “Aren’t you afraid of the scene here? This place looks not much worse than hell.”
Xue Na was stunned when she heard this, then curled her lips and said, “What’s there to be afraid of? Although humans do look like our Three-Eyed Tribe, are you humans afraid of the corpses of creatures like monkeys or orangutans? You must know that the original human beings were creatures worse than monkeys. Many people from the Three-Eyed Tribe even thought that the brains of such creatures were particularly delicious when eaten raw. Although humans were eventually transformed due to combat needs, humans are nothing in my eyes. They are no different from monkeys, gorillas, these creatures.”
Rocky’s hand paused slightly, but only for a moment, and he continued to draw: “Oh, so that’s it, just like us humans s