l can touch it.” Something, the deepest and most powerful power in a life mark, this is mine.”

“Light of the soul!”
While Gong Yeyu, Mao Wenxi, and Deng An were fighting, Pei Jiao led the rest to fight against the soul army.
Although Gong Yeyu had previously cut through the floors and various equipment switches in the center of the base, the Chinese government had obviously put a lot of effort into this base city. After the center of the base was destroyed, many switches were opened from the edges of the city. In the underground passage, spaceships rose up from below.
The number of the Chinese soul army is also much larger than that of the Western European soul army. There are three main battleships alone. The remaining small spaceships are not exaggerated, but there are still more than thirty. , although several ships were destroyed by Pei Jiao on the way up, in the end, three main battleships and nearly twenty spaceships were still safely launched into the air, and nearly a thousand soul soldiers and hundreds of soul officers were finally released. !
This is a very, very terrifying force. You must know that the purpose of creating the soul army is to use a large number of low-level powerful people to fight against the less powerful high-level powerful people. Its target is the Demon King level. The peak level of the Demon King, even someone stronger than the Demon King level.
Of course, that was the soul army of the civilization of the last era. Not only were the soul soldiers and soul officers stronger, but also the combination of the battle formations, the soul army itself was controlled by the Three-Eyed Clan, and other factors. It was stronger than humans today. The half-toned soul army is many times stronger.
But no matter what, the essence of the battle goal of the soul army has not changed, which is to defeat a small number of high-level experts with a large number of low-level ones!
/At the beginning, there were dozens of ordinary soul soldiers. When these dozens of soul soldiers appeared, Pei Jiao condensed the Thunder God’s Hammer. This is the largest plane-range attack method he can think of at present. Although the attack power is better than that of Slash. The Iron Sword and Gunnir were lower, but the thunder and lightning explosion in the plane was much wider. When a thunder god’s hammer was thrown over, more than 70% of the dozens of soul soldiers were killed.
But after all, he is not Gong Yeyu. After all, he has not reached the true level of Demon King. Although he can also use the condensation property, he must rely on that wonderful method to condense. In other words, in addition to Thor’s Hammer and Iron Sword, Gunnir, the Spirit Sail, the Sword of Victory, and Gleipnir, the magical iron chain forged by dwarves in Norse mythology to bind the world-destroying wolf. It is also the kind of net that can be big or small. Once caught, even Not even the Demon King can break free easily.
Except for these few things, Pei Jiao cannot condense his own aura field, cannot condense silver lightning, a