erything except water costs money. A steak costs six marks, which is almost as expensive as the most expensive restaurants in Vansee.

Hull certainly didn’t like to be slaughtered. He, like everyone else, relied on dry food to survive.
As usual, they ate some dry bread with water, and then the dinner was gone. Some of the women and children went to rest early.
Hull and his companions gathered together, and they occupied a quiet corner: unlike other convoys, they hired their own cars, a dozen people hired a total of three carriages.
“Jalok, how much did we spend today in total?” Hull asked, and they had to tally up the accounts every night.
Jarok is the young Yirese man, his full name is Jarok Beitmei. Hull asked him to take charge of the finances. He went to town to buy things every day and always asked him to bargain.
/“One hundred and six marks and twenty pfennigs. There are eighteen of us here, and the stay costs fifty-four marks. Each loaf costs one mark and seventy pfennigs. I bought twenty-one in total, and spent three Fifteen marks and seventy pfennigs. The fodder for the horses was also counted as ours, and it cost another fourteen marks and fifty pfennigs, and the last two marks were for the lights at night.”
/Jarok shrugged his shoulders. He looked unhappy. Although the money spent was not his, as a Yi Lei who was sensitive to money, he definitely felt uncomfortable being blackmailed like this.
“It’s such a waste of money. This town is so fucking evil.” A person next to him said angrily.
“We have to stay here for two more days,” another person sighed while shaking his head.
“I’m afraid the convoy and the people here were originally colluding. In the past, when passing through the Grusern Gap Gate, they would stop at Kanmei City for supplies, but now they have stopped here.” Jalok explained the mystery in one breath.
“Since the war, there has been no business in Red Pine Town, so the people here will come up with this method.” Hull said, and he had already seen through the tricks of the people in the town and the car dealers.
“According to me, we should have forced the driver to go to Kanmei. There must have been a convoy at Gruthern Gap there.”
“It might be too late to push it back now.”
“Will the people at the car dealer be willing? If they are not willing, should we walk to Kanmei?” Jarok asked.
As soon as these words were spoken, there was silence.
“Anyway, we only have three days. If we put together the money we have, it shouldn’t be enough. As long as we get to Raymond, everything will be easy.” Jarok persuaded, but these words sounded more like comfort. he himself.
“That’s true, but who knows if there will be another delay?” Someone said frustratedly: “I heard that the first person to get here has been waiting here for a week.”
“Everyone spends nearly six marks a day doing nothing, which is forty-two marks a week. Fortunately, the weather is good. If it rains, I can’t imagine what will happen. If I get sick, If so, how much does a bottle of cold medicine cost? Maybe some white wine to d