lometers and a weight of no more than 40 kilograms. It must be able to be lifted by one person. Such a target is a small-caliber shotgun. Or the handheld short gun cannot do it anyway. Only in this way can the continuous fire weapon have military value.

People were chatting animatedly in the restaurant when a noise came from outside the door.
Hearing the sound, everyone stood up and came to the door.
I saw a group of soldiers in the distance carrying two young men with their hands cuffed behind their backs, crossing the square in front of the station. On one side of the square, two black police carriages were parked there, but at this moment all the people standing on the carriages were They are military police armed with live ammunition.
After the two men were put into the police car, another white carriage with a red cross logo hurried over, and several military doctors in white coats jumped out. Soon several stretchers were brought over.
At this moment, a policeman wandered over.
/The military policeman standing at the door raised his hand in greeting and asked, “Is the matter resolved? Now that we have captured him alive, we must already know who is the mastermind behind it.”
“It seems to be Debreton’s spy.” The man opposite replied casually.
“De Breton?” The military policeman at the door frowned and muttered to himself: “I didn’t expect that they would attack us so quickly.”
Gear said disapprovingly: “That’s natural. Debreton has been playing the balance of power game for seven centuries. During the reign of the Sun King, they united with other countries on the continent to isolate Yafa. Later, Philip II came to power. They turned to unite with Aphas and suppress Philip II. In the time of Neba, they turned again and united all the countries on the continent and defeated the ever-victorious king. Now they plan to deal with us again. ”
“There will always be a war between Beru and Debreton.” A person next to him said angrily.
“It’s a pity that Beru has almost no decent navy.” Another person sighed.
“We will soon have a powerful navy. I heard that His Majesty has reached an agreement with Yafa to lease two ports in Yafa and buy the entire Yasuni Shipyard.”
“Is it necessary to buy Yasuni? We have the two major shipyards of Boli and Fulchin. Isn’t this enough? The oak forests of Nihail and Geratan are also lush. His Majesty James V two centuries ago, This forest farm was opened up just for today, and now it can finally be put to use.”
“Look, there will definitely be shocking news in tomorrow’s newspapers. The headline may be ‘De Breton brazenly defies the majesty of the empire’ or ‘When will the overlord of the mainland expel the clown on the isolated island’.”
“Hit Debreton? I have no objection. Our cousin should have learned a lesson long ago.”
“Cousin? That was back in Lima’s time.”
People in the restaurant immediately discovered a new topic and became lively for a while.
Naturally, Philip, who was sitting in the aristocratic carriage, was not harassed at all. There was even a team of soldiers to