t in the camp.

If you want to win at the minimum cost, you must launch an attack when the enemy is on the move.
After the rain, the sky cleared up, and Kavehe led a group of giants to lazily bask in the sun.
After several days of heavy rain, moss was almost growing on their bodies, and they were in urgent need of sunbathing to repair their depressed hearts.
“Kavehe, don’t sleep.
This time we went out in a light vehicle and did not carry much food and grass. After being delayed by the heavy rain for such a long time, the army was about to run out of food. ”
Kavehe jumped up when he heard “no food”.
Just by looking at their size, you can tell that giants must be big eaters. If the nutrition can’t keep up, you won’t be able to grow so big.
In the past, when they were in the world of ice and snow, the biggest pain for the giant family was starvation.
They do not engage in agricultural production and rely entirely on hunting for a living. The backward production model determines that the giant family can only live in small tribes.
Usually the number of giants in a giant tribe would not exceed three hundred. Otherwise, there won’t be enough prey nearby for everyone to eat.
The food acquisition model centered on hunting is very unstable. In this context, starvation has become the norm for giants.
“Pamela, what are you talking about?
It’s impossible to run out of food!
/How could so many carts of food be gone so quickly? Did you deduct our military rations? ”
For a race that has been starving for a long time, food is life.
Facing Kaveh’s unkind gaze, Pamela took three steps back, forced herself to calm down and said:
“What are you shouting about?
Don’t you still know why food is consumed so quickly?
Your Kavehe’s food intake alone is dozens of times that of mine. With the addition of you big eaters, won’t food consumption be faster? ”
As the leader of the giant army, Kawehe’s size is also outstanding among the giants, and the corresponding demand for food is also greater.
The consumption of ordinary giants is relatively small, but that is only relative to him. Compared with soldiers of other races, they are still big eaters.
Before the outbreak of the continental war, the giants starved from time to time. After finally having the opportunity to eat with open belly, everyone will naturally not reserve it.
Giants need to use a basin to cook, and it is easy to eat dozens of pounds of food at a time.
When encountering such a group of big eaters, food consumption will naturally not be slowed down.
In addition, this time they came out to reinforce the coalition forces in the Declas Province. If it hadn’t been for the rainy season, they would have reached their destination by now.
Perhaps because he knew that he was in the wrong, Kawehe suddenly became embarrassed and said hesitantly: “The worst thing I can do is eat less for the next meal, but we can’t deduct our military rations!”
After hearing this answer, the generals from all races who came together had black lines on their foreheads.