, which means that it is not cured, but latent.”

My mouth went dry and my body could not help but tremble. I asked Fan Zhen: “So you are saying that I killed these two people, but …”
I couldn’t figure it out. With so many people dead, why would I kill the taxi driver and the forensic doctor, and mail the taxi driver’s head to myself? What kind of perverted person would do this?
But Fan Zhen said: “You did not kill anyone. Tomorrow we need to make an assessment of your mental health and an appraisal of your mental condition.”
So I was taken to the Mental Disease Control Center early the next morning, and then did a bunch of tests and questions and answers, all of which were some strange questions and some messy drawings. In the end, I worked all morning, and there was nothing wrong with me, obviously. I am not insane, nor am I a psychopath.
I was basically certain that Fan Zhen was doubting me, and on the way back, he told me that it was normal for him to doubt me, because my behavior was too abnormal. I was baffled by this, Fan Zhen said When I got to the office, I had something to show me.
Back in the office in the office building, he took out a file bag. I noticed that my name was on the file bag, as if it was specially made for me. He took out several CDs from it, and I saw the serial number written on it. , not knowing what it was, he put the CD into the computer, then clicked on it for me to watch.
/He and I were the only ones in the office at that time, and he called the rest of the people out. I don’t know if other people knew about this, but they were quite confused at the time.
When the CD started to play, I saw a surveillance screen of a city road. I didn’t know where it was for a while. It wasn’t until a familiar person appeared inside that I asked Fan Zhen where the surveillance was. Fan Zhen asked me to continue reading.
This CD was pieced together from many surveillance images, with an obvious sense of fracture in the middle. Looking at the person on the screen, I felt something was wrong more and more, until I finally saw a side face, I suddenly exclaimed, “This is not me.” !
I looked at the time on the surveillance screen again and realized that it was the video of the night the taxi driver committed the crime, and the time displayed on it was already past 00:30. I remember that I had already fallen asleep at that time, even though I was caught The taxi driver’s words were quite frightening, but I managed to fall asleep, but not very well.
When I saw this scene, I looked at Fan Zhen and asked him, “Who is this person above?”
There was shock in my words. Fan Zhen looked at me and said calmly: “From the current point of view, this person is You are the one who has sleepwalking and you don’t know it, so you don’t know where you have been.”
/This surveillance picture ended with my back in the dark. Fan Zhen said that they had captured the entire road The surveillance on the Internet only found these. The intersection where the taxi driver died was too close to the outskirts of