ly 19 years old, so the postponement of the wedding is nothing.

Although getting married in advance can appease people’s hearts, its actual effect is still very limited.
/If something happened to him and he was left with an infant heir, it would be difficult to keep the foundation.
Anyway, you have to take advantage of others. Instead of thinking so much, it is better to enhance your life-saving strength.
Recently, Hudson has been in and out of the laboratory every day, not only to study the original liquid of life, but also to enhance Bear Stearns’ strength.
The strength of the bear is his strength. If he really encounters trouble on the battlefield, he can at least take him away.
As for the others, if they are really defeated, they should just ask for blessings!
In terms of saving lives, Bear Stearns really did not disappoint Hudson. The running speed is faster than many flying eagle monsters.
After two years of continuous efforts, the concept of “saving lives first” has finally been imprinted in Bear Stearns’ bones.
This is the biggest benefit of raising a cub from an early age. If it were an adult Earth Bear, even if Hudson rubbed his tongue, it wouldn’t have any effect.
How can a habit that has been developed over hundreds or even thousands of years be changed in just one or two years?
The atmosphere of war has not been diluted with each wedding, but has become stronger as time goes by.
The rainy season did not stop everyone’s enthusiasm for preparing for the war. As the Kingdom’s inspection team patrolled around, the nobles walked out of their homes one after another and organized young men for training despite the rain.
Regardless of the effect, they all started moving anyway. It can be seen that everyone has a very strong desire to survive and is afraid of becoming a typical example of inactivity in training.
The Mountain Territory is no exception. The only difference is that in order to ensure the production of the mine, not all employees participate in the training.
/There is no need to worry about this. No matter how exaggerated the intensity of mobilization, military production is the primary support industry.
Different from the previous basic training, this time Hudson even took out the military formation.
As for some famous formations, it is a pity that Hudson is only a military enthusiast, not a military researcher, and he can’t figure out how to operate them.
The most important thing is that the situations in the two worlds are different, and all formations that match firearms are not worth copying.
On the contrary, it is the simplest basic military formation that can be used universally in war.
Looking at the chaotic team, Hudson knew that he made the right choice. Serf soldiers should not expect too much. Even in the simplest military formation, there will be soldiers who are in the wrong position.
It took less than half a month for everyone to learn to recognize the command flag instructions and get rid of the embarrassment of relying solely on shouting for communication.
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