the army themselves are not the same type, so applying them mechanically will only be self-defeating.

In a sense, the art of military training is useless to the small nobles. Only by defecting to the king or a big noble can he be useful.
Not knowing what his father was planning, Hudson still worked hard to train his men. In this world with extraordinary power, it is difficult for ordinary people to compete with it.
Even a junior knight like Hudson could easily defeat more than a dozen strong men. This is the fundamental reason why the aristocratic group can always rule the world.
Due to the monopoly on resources and the tacit understanding of the aristocratic group, the life essence never flows out, and it is almost impossible for civilians to become knights. An extraordinary route for ordinary people, only warriors.
Knights who are also extraordinary and at the same level completely defeat the warriors. Not only because of the support of the mount, but the most important thing is the awakening of the life seed.
Although Hudson couldn’t figure out what the Seed of Life was, he realized the benefits of awakening the Seed of Life.
The most intuitive feeling is that the overall physical fitness has improved. After each high-intensity training, the Seed of Life will release a burst of energy to repair physical damage.
In comparison, the soldiers were much worse off. Without the assistance of life seeds, there would be many hidden injuries in daily training, let alone on the battlefield.
Long-lived knights are common, but long-lived warriors are rare, and they usually do not live past the age of fifty. A short lifespan naturally limits the improvement of strength. Looking at the entire continent, there are only a handful of strong warriors.
As for the mysterious magician, that is a blind spot in Hudson’s knowledge. Just a few words in the family book collection cannot explain the problem.
Not to mention other niche professions, ordinary people would never encounter them once in a lifetime, and even if Hudson wanted to know about them, there was no way to start.
If you just train knights and attendants, simple training is enough, and there is no need to work so hard.
After all, I still have a restless heart. Even if my heart keeps saying that I have to “keep it together” for now, my body is still very honest and working hard to cultivate the team.
In the evening, an urgent letter broke the tranquility of the castle.
The Skull and Bones launched a rebellion in Dadir City, and many nobles, including Viscount Alphonse, were slaughtered. The governor of the Southeast Province, Earl Pierce, was furious and ordered the recruitment of nobles in the province to put down the rebellion.
/The sequelae of the lack of information broke out at this moment. It was clear that the Skull and Bones rebellion had occurred for more than a month, but the Koslow family knew nothing about it.
With the recruitment order in hand, Baron Redman didn’t even know the situation on the front line and could only passively accept the order