care at all whether this group of workers was willing to defect and be loyal. As long as they could complete the task, it was enough.

Direct equal exchange, no one owes anyone anything. If we can cooperate, we will cooperate. If we cannot cooperate, we will pull them down. There is no need to assume responsibilities and obligations towards each other.
Hudson was not prepared to fight a civil war. If a war broke out, it would be against foreigners.
If there is racial justice, just recruit the magicians from the territory to join the battle. Rounding these people up is also the military strength of the Xueyue Territory.
After letting Maxim take him to circle in the sky twice, Hudson felt refreshed. These are the mountains and rivers he has conquered, and he has transformed a land in just a few years.
If so many migrant workers had joined in when the mountain territory was being developed, it would definitely not have been so difficult.
But there was no way around it. When the mountain territory was developed, Hudson had just emerged and was simply not capable of being high-profile.
“Duke, we are afraid that we may have to consider moving the political center!
With the rapid development of Xueyue Territory, Crescent Harbor has become too crowded and is no longer suitable to continue to be the administrative center of the territory.
There are two options now. One is to choose a suitable location in the middle of the territory and rebuild a city as our new administrative center to strengthen control over the territory.
Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Judging from the current situation in the territory, no matter which option is chosen, it is better than staying in Crescent Port.
/In order to divert ships, the Ministry of Government is considering selecting suitable locations in coastal areas and planning three medium-sized cargo ports.
After hearing Jacob’s report, Hudson was slightly stunned. Crescent Harbor’s special geographical location is definitely first-class in economic development, but as the administrative center of the territory, it is obviously far behind.
/The choice to set up a base camp here was mainly due to strategic security considerations. With the convenience of being backed by the sea, if the situation becomes critical, you can evacuate from the sea at any time.
However, times are evolving. No one could have imagined that the offensive and defensive momentum between the kingdom and the orcs could be reversed in just a few years.
Strategic security, which was once the greatest concern, has now become the least important. The orcs would be unable to launch a full-scale invasion for at least ten years.
The current situation is not suitable to continue to stimulate the orcs. Trapped animals are often the most ferocious, and if they are too aggressive, they can easily cause unnecessary trouble. ”
Hudson thought for a moment and said.
By nibbling along, Xueyue Ling took a lot of advantage. If you open the map, you will find that the current Near East and the origi