dy made you anxious. Think about it carefully. You also know that you don’t have much time to think about it.”

dy made you anxious. Think about it carefully. You also know that you don’t have much time to think about it.”
Shi Yanqiang then left the office. After he left, I turned on my phone and saw that it was still the same number. The text message contained only one sentence – He and Wang Zhexuan knew each other.
/I clicked on the text message and pressed delete.
I went home with Wang Zhexuan after get off work. He had almost finished handling the matters on the fifth floor, so I didn’t ask any more questions. After returning home, I tidied up the guest room for him. I told him that no one would break in here for no reason, so I reassured him that for the sake of safety, it is best not to leave the house and go outside. After all, there is no place outside. Safety.
Wang Zhexuan said that after hiding here and there for so long, he finally felt like he was back at home. I told him, “Just treat this as your own home. There are no restrictions.”
Of course, when Wang Zhexuan was not paying attention, I inside. I checked some of the things I left behind at home and found that they were the same as when I went out. I saw that there were no signs of change or tampering with the things, but I was still worried because it didn’t mean that Fan Zhen was no longer in my home. Well, if the situation is that he has noticed that I know that he exists here, and then deliberately does not touch these things, that will be shocking.
But after all, Wang Zhexuan is in the house now, so I can’t search and eliminate it obviously, but it’s okay if he is here, because at least I can’t hear anything if he is here, but he can hear it.
But my whole abacus was obviously wrong, because on the first night Wang Zhexuan came, something strange happened at home. In fact, it wouldn’t be strange if he didn’t know anything. When I got up the next morning, I saw a green pineapple on the coffee table. When I saw it was a pineapple, I was immediately shocked, because I have completely stayed away from this thing since the pineapple corpse appeared. Now that such a thing suddenly appeared in my house for no reason, it made people think twice.
But I didn’t think about it immediately. Instead, I went to Wang Zhexuan’s room and asked him if he had put the pineapple in it. Wang Zhexuan hadn’t gotten up yet. He heard me talking about pineapple and asked, “What pineapple?” Blood.
In this case, he was completely unaware, but he quickly got up and looked shocked when he saw the pineapple on the coffee table. He asked me, “What’s going on?”
If I knew what was going on, I wouldn’t be so helpless now. But I always feel that the appearance of this thing here is not a good sign. What makes me a little confused is why it is a green pineapple. Is it because there are no ripe pineapples in this season?
I arrived at the hospital. Because the body was initially stored in the hospital, I found the relevant person in charge and asked about the information on how Zheng Yuanyang’s body was put into the morgue. The information was clear, but the medical staff couldn