doned by the Lord, without the sun, only the eternal night and alternating high and low frequency lightning are left, what is the strange and terrifying monster hidden in the darkness without light, what is finally sustained by the black-faced grass, what is The “Deep Dark Age” lasted for more than two thousand years, and it was beyond the imagination of Cattleya the Hermit.

As a sea powerhouse with rich knowledge and knowledge of many secrets, she instantly thought of one of the most famous concepts in history, “Catastrophe” based on the description of time and events.
/Immediately, based on this idea, she made further speculations:
“The Land Abandoned by God”
Suddenly, the figure that made people want to look up appeared in the mind of “Hermit” Cattleya again, and a slightly sighing words emerged:
“He had been looking for the place abandoned by God during his lifetime. He said that the final answer to everything was hidden there.”
The “sun” comes from the “God-forsaken land” that Emperor Russell can’t find. Can Mr. Fool connect there? Maybe, he is the “Hermit” who woke up from there. Cattleya thought in shock and solemnity. .
Just now, she had some contempt for the Tarot Club because the rankings of “Moon”, “Justice”, “Sun” and others were not high. She thought that Mr. Fool had just recovered not long ago, and the level of members he could recruit was obviously not enough. Now he must not No cognitive readjustment.
It involves the “Land Abandoned by God”, the Church of Storms, the Church of the Earth Mother, and the Loen aristocracy. Perhaps it is precisely through the development of the lower order that these members can rise to high positions and play more important roles in their respective circles without being suspected. As for me, is it because of the Moss Ascetic Order, or Her Majesty Queen Cattleya carefully analyzed the purpose of Mr. Fool.
At this time, the transaction part is coming to an end. “Moon”, “Sun”, and “Justice” have all finalized their respective transactions. “Hermit” Cattleya is still observing and is cautious, so she does not speak blindly and expose her own information. .
“The Hanged Man” Alger originally wanted to purchase the Sequence 5 “Ocean Singer” potion formula in advance to prepare for the future, but the addition of “The Hermit” made him extra vigilant, so he temporarily gave up on this plan and prepared to wait. Let’s talk about being truly promoted to a “Wind Blessed One”, with stronger strength and more room for maneuver.
“Magician” Forsi, because it won’t take long to get the “Astrologer” potion formula and certain materials from the teacher, he didn’t know what to buy in advance, so he could only watch quietly.
She actually had some impulse hidden in her heart and wanted to buy a magical item to make up for the fact that her “Magic Master” ability was relatively fancy and not strong enough, and her “Apprentice” was only good at walking through walls and opening doors, but practical factors limited her desire.
As of today, her savings exceed 400 pounds, which i