ely at six o’clock.

This means that I was lucky enough just now, so I successfully deceived Gehrman Sparrow, Darkwill thought suddenly.
Mr. Harry the owl landed again, but did not choose the fat pharmacist’s shoulder. He seemed to be frightened by the incident where he was almost hit before.
It stood on the wooden table, looking forward with round eyes and said:
“Darkwill, you’re nervous.”
“You don’t need to tell me that,” Darkwill said angrily.
The owl spread its wings and said:
“Okay, let me put it another way.
“I think I have to think about changing owners.
“Gehrman Sparrow seems like a good choice.”
/“What about me?” Darkwill asked in shock, forgetting to be angry for a moment.
Mr. Owl Harry clicked his tongue twice:
“Don’t you realize the worry and fear in your heart? You even doubt that you may not see the sun tomorrow. That weird dice is really too dangerous.
“If I were you, I would throw it right out the window and into the sea and let your teacher’s teacher salvage it.”
“How do you know my teacher’s teacher?” Darkwill blurted out.
Mr. Harry raised his head proudly:
“Never doubt an owl’s vision.”
Darkwill was already lost in thought and didn’t care about its answer:
“No, that won’t work. Throwing the dice into the sea won’t solve all the problems.
“According to what the old man said before, even if it is buried by the sea, after a few days, big people can come close to pick it up. Then it is really lost. Silly bird, you don’t have enough common sense in mysticism to understand these important seals. Things are like the most popular whores in the Red Theater, always attracting hungry men.”
“Including you.” Owl Harry responded calmly, “As for the issue of insufficient common sense in occult science, I think there is a famous saying that can explain it. Emperor Russell once said that if his children do not receive a good education, it is the father’s fault. This sentence can also be used to describe problems between pets and their owners. Well, Darkwill, no matter what, I think you must communicate with Gehrman Sparrow about the dice, otherwise what will happen next More dangerous.”
“I’ll look again, look again, maybe it will be fixed at six,” Darkwill said hesitantly.
He sat on the edge of the bed and lay down.
At this time, the storm that had been raging for a while gradually subsided, the sky began to clear up, and the passenger ship blew its whistle to set sail.
In the first-class living room, Klein looked out the window and looked at the hazy rainbow that appeared after the rain. His heart was not as calm as it appeared.
He is not very afraid of pure enemies. On the sea, except for the four kings and official demigods, except for the pirate generals who appear in the form of fleets, it is difficult for others to threaten the one who possesses “Creeping Hunger” and several magical items. He, even if the ship is sunk, even if he falls into the sea, he can still find a way to escape with the many spells of the “Poseidon” domain.
But luck is something that is really difficult to grasp.