nion, this sealed artifact would be a nightmare for people like “Steel” and “Blaze”.

He closed his eyes, and the corresponding information naturally appeared in his mind:
“Number: 37.”
“Name: Eternal Dream.”
“Danger level: 2, dangerous, use with caution and restraint. Only operations with more than three people or deacons and diocesan bishops can apply.”
“Confidentiality level: Bishop, team leader, and above.”
“Sealing method: Place in boiling water.”
“Description: Shaped like a heart, dark in color, cold to the touch, full of holes, and often making a bagpipe-like sound.
“This item comes from a primitive tribe in Xibailang in the southern continent. They are led by a spirit witch and live a life of resting during the day and moving at night.
“A Loen army conquered the tribe and obtained the item enshrined on the altar. Within the next week, incidents such as soldiers going insane, going crazy, and committing suicide began to appear one after another.
“Research shows that as long as you come into contact with this item, you will enter a long dream. If you are not awakened, you will stay in that illusory world forever, showing external emotions such as anxiety, fear, and confusion, and psychological and The physiological state gradually changes.
/“The awakened researcher still couldn’t distinguish between reality and dreams for a long time, which led to a series of tragic events, including but not limited to showing love to his boss, kissing the mouth of a poisonous snake, suffering from depression, taking off his clothes and running around naked, trying to If they were not transferred to another city, the only possible outcomes would be madness or suicide.
“This item can be used to allow living creatures within the target range to enter the same dream. The user can select the target within a certain limit. The maximum radius of excluding companions is 50 meters. If it exceeds the radius, it will cause a great burden to the user. The user who is left with intense mental trauma will enter a state where they cannot distinguish between reality and dreams. They must leave the city where 237 is located to have any hope of recovery.
“There are multiple examples in the appendix showing that this item can have widespread effects on people around it even without contact, unless it is placed in boiling hot water.”
“Appendix: 1 has a similar effect to Night Path’s “Nightmare”, but is more prominent and uncontrollable.
“2 Example 1: A caretaker forgot to add charcoal, which caused the flame to go out and the temperature of the boiling water to drop. He soon began to behave abnormally. He seemed to be dreaming about his beloved girl and made a passionate confession to his glove. , and try to have a super-friendship relationship with it; Example 2”
He made a gesture, instructing the “Punisher” team members next to him to open the golden square box engraved with many symbolic symbols and magic logos, and take out the sealed item “237” soaked in boiling water.
This gold-like box is another sealed object, “2166”.