ard that Tarot cards are just a game invented by Emperor Russell. In fact, they do not have the function of divination.”

“No, most of the time, divination comes from oneself. Everyone has spirituality and can communicate with the spiritual world and with higher-level information about themselves. However, ordinary people cannot detect this, let alone interpret the obtained information. Reminder, when they use divination tools, the information will be presented with the help of the tools. The simplest example is dreams and dream interpretation.” Alger glanced at Zhou Mingrui and saw that he didn’t express anything, so he denied Ao Dai. Li said, “Tarot cards actually belong to this kind of tool. It uses more symbols and more reasonable elements to help us interpret prompts more conveniently and accurately.”
Zhou Mingrui seemed to be careless, but in fact he listened very seriously, but his mental void began to become serious, and his head throbbed and hurt.
“I understand.” Audrey nodded in approval, and then emphasized, “That’s not what I meant. I’m not questioning the Tarot cards. I heard that Emperor Russell actually made another deck of cards, a secret one. , there are twenty-two cards in total that symbolize some unknown power. After completion, he referred to this and invented the twenty-two main cards of the Tarot as a game tool. Is this accurate?”
She looked at Zhou Mingrui, as if she wanted to get an answer from the mysterious Mr. Fool.
Zhou Mingrui just smiled without speaking, and turned his gaze to the “Hanged Man”, as if he was trying to test you.
Alger subconsciously straightened his back and said in a deep voice:
“Yes, it is said that Emperor Russell has seen the Desecrated Slate, and that deck of cards contains the secrets of the twenty-two paths to God.”
“Twenty-two paths to God” Audrey repeated in a tone full of yearning.
At this time, Zhou Mingrui’s headache worsened, and he felt that the invisible connection between himself and the crimson stars and gray mist began to shake.
/“Okay, let’s end today’s party here.” He decided immediately and spoke in a low voice.
“Follow your will.” Alger bowed his head and saluted.
/“According to your will.” Audrey imitated “The Hanged Man”.
She still had so many questions and ideas, and she couldn’t bear to end it.
Zhou Mingrui cut off the contact and smiled and said:
“Let’s look forward to the next party.”
The “stars” shined again, and the crimson light shrank back like water. As soon as Audrey and Alger heard Mr. Fool’s words, their figures became blurrier and more unreal.
In less than a second, the “projection” shattered, and silence returned above the gray fog.
Zhou Mingrui felt that he was getting heavier quickly, and his surroundings were drifting away. His eyes first dimmed, and then there was bright sunshine.
He was still in the apartment room, still standing in the center.
“What is that gray mist world like a dream, and who or what kind of power caused the changes just now?” Zhou Mingrui sighed in a low voice, full of confusion, and walked