ny situations.

“Only by knowing how to restrain your impulse and impatience can you avoid risks to the greatest extent
“Sometimes, tolerance is important.”
The forbearing Emlyn nodded invisibly, understanding what he should do.
He plans to hide here and wait for Argos to leave
This is not the residence of this artificial vampire. He will inevitably leave. At that time, Emlyn will be able to solve the problem one-on-one.
Patience, forbearance, waiting for Emlyn to repeat similar words in his mind to fight against the harm caused to him by the surrounding environment.
The air on the first floor of the apartment is filled with the smell of urine, the smell of damp water, the smell of unwashed feces, the pungent smell of low-quality coal burning, the smell of sweat that has not been cleaned for many days, and the smell of some tenants. The strong smell, as well as various sour, unpleasant, and disgusting smells, mixed together, eroding Emlyn’s senses like poison.
/He waited patiently and recited the “Code” mechanically, feeling that every second was so long.
Finally, he saw the door of Galis Kevin’s room opened, and a thin figure with dark brown skin came out. The cheekbones on his side were protruding, the bridge of his nose was high, and the tip was slightly hooked. He was a believer in the “Original Moon” Argos.
At this moment, there were several areas on his face that were swollen and ulcerated, and he looked a little disgusting.
Sure enough, just as the little “old man” Ian said, this guy’s clothes were complete and clean, not at all like the resident of the East End. Emlyn cheered up and watched Argos walk out of the apartment while muttering.
After waiting patiently for nearly five minutes, he stood up and decided to take action.
Because the target Galis Kevin is an artificial vampire, Emlyn has a good understanding of what the opponent is good at and what characteristics he has, so he can make targeted preparations.
Gareth Kevin’s sense of smell is not much worse than when I was an adult. Oh, this is actually not so sure. He can actually live in this environment. Maybe he has lost his nose and his brain. And, His spirituality is not weak, and he has instinctive intuition about danger. His eyesight and hearing are not bad either. While despising the other party, Emlyn took the potion and sprayed the liquid to cover up the smell of his body again, deeply.
Then, just like last time, he used the magic potion taken internally and externally to hide his body and coat, disappearing as if erased by an eraser.
In a deserted dark corner, a palm-sized copper-green notebook suddenly emerged from the void, as if it had just passed through some transparent barrier.
It turned on its own with almost no sound, and finally settled on a blank page composed of many astrological symbols.
These symbols disappeared and the surrounding area became slightly brighter.
This is the interference ability of “astrologers”
Then, the copper-green “Lemano Travel Notes” retracted back, disappeared inch by inch, and was once aga