ss face, old-fashioned and serious temperament, and dark blue clothes with ribbons, medals and epaulettes.

Klein moved the corners of his mouth and said silently to himself:
“From now on, I am the admiral.”
He left through the other door of the utility room and walked along the quiet corridor towards the main building of the Governor’s Palace.
Along the way, waiters and maids occasionally passed by, but no one dared to look directly at Klein. As soon as they saw the admiral’s uniform, they all retreated to the sides and bowed their heads in salute.
Anyone of similar height can probably sneak into the banquet hall if he puts on this outfit. It has to be said that sometimes, it is easier to play the role of a big shot than an ordinary person. Klein looked straight and maintained that serious posture. He walked slowly and slowly towards the corridor paved with black stone tiles.
The melodious and beautiful melody seems to be coming, and the elegant wall lamps on both sides are burning gas, lighting up the dark environment.
As soon as Klein approached a lounge, he saw the door open, and a middle-aged man who was also waiting for him came out.
This man has black hair and blue eyes, and his facial features are fifty-six times similar to Amyrius’s, except that his forehead is higher, the bags under his eyes are slightly swollen, and the corners of his mouth have not yet drooped.
He is none other than Amyrius Leavitt’s younger brother, Auston Leavitt.
This gentleman once served in the navy, and was promoted to the rank of colonel due to his contribution to the colonies in the Southern Continent. Later, he became disgusted with the military career, and due to the political balance, he accepted the appointment and became the governor.
During his five or six years in Olavi, out of his appreciation of the island’s location and resources, he pushed the Levitt family to acquire a large number of local properties and manors, and he owned a large amount of land.
/This is not to say that it was obtained entirely through power. The Auston and Leavitt families paid enough money and even took out a loan through the bank. They did not seize the Feysac people at a very low price like they did on the east coast of Balam. soil of.
Of course, if he is not the Governor of Olavi and his brother is not the Supreme Commander of the Navy in the Central Suniya Sea, it will not be so easy for the Levitt family to persuade the target to sell high-quality fields or estates.
When the test came, Klein calmly approached and stopped in front of Auston Leavitt.
/Auston glanced around and said in a low voice:
“How have you considered that matter?”
What was going on? Klein was confused at first, but then he remembered an introduction in the information: “If Auston requests a confidential conversation, or directly asks for an answer to something, tell him that you will give him the answer when you leave Olawi.”
It was indeed what Emilius expected. I just need to pay attention to the attitude and tone, um, and the unique words and pronunciatio