nvestigate the change of ownership of the Artificial Death Sect of the Spiritual Religion, they will find out that it is related to Gehrman Sparrow, and then suddenly realize that they have mastered the truth and understand why the Artificial Death can initially Come to life and send down the oracle.

Based on this guess, Klein deliberately asked Dwayne Dantès to use a catchphrase of Gehrman Sparrow.
/Patrick Blaine sat on the sofa, thought for a while and said:
“I am from Loen. I once went to East Balang for business. I contracted a disease there and almost died. I was rescued by members of the Spiritual Religion. I received the grace of the gods in a ceremony and survived, so I secretly changed my faith.
That’s not what the ancient documents I obtained said. Those senior leaders of the Spiritual Religion were fully aware that they were following the example of the “Hidden Sage” to create a god of death. Could it be that the gentleman opposite was not a core member of the artificial death sect of the Spiritual Religion, and that he was interested in “the only one”? “Sex” and other knowledge lacks sufficient understanding, but how could a demigod not be a core member? Even if the Spiritual Cult was transformed from the original Balam royal family and the Death Church, with deep accumulation and many powerful people, it would be impossible for them to waste their time like this. None of the demigods from the Seven Orthodox Churches could do such a thing. Klein was extremely confused when he heard this and asked calmly:
“Where are the other senior leaders of your faction?”
Patrick Blaine said with admiration on his face:
“When I joined the Spiritual Religion, God had already awakened a little. This was all due to the saints in the past, who sacrificed themselves in rituals.
“Currently, we have three saints and one angel. They are all in East Balam. I am responsible for all matters regarding Backlund.”
He thought for a moment and then asked:
“What is the name of that angel? Where is he currently? Have you received any oracle?”
Patrick Blaine said frankly:
“God has forbidden me to tell others or ask others about it.
“Our leader is called Heitel, which is both a surname and a given name. He was once the chief priest of the church. Later, he received the gift of God and became an angel. He has been dedicated to awakening the sleeping God. During a certain ceremony, he was inspired by It has been seriously eroded, and I cannot leave my tomb at the moment, otherwise I will lose control directly. He is my teacher.”
This demigod who existed during the Balam Empire was obviously the soul of the man-made God of Death project. Klein asked thoughtfully:
“He and the other two demigods are Bailang people, pure blood.”
“Yes.” Patrick Blaine nodded.
/I roughly understood what was going on. Klein couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.
He believes that Patrick Blaine is not a normal demigod and is a by-product of the Artificial Death Project
At the beginning, Heitel and other members of the Artificial Death Sect of