f Sealed Artifact “2049” again. After all, no one could tell whether there would be weird changes this time that would render the self-rescue of the “Transfer Ritual” ineffective.

As for the items on the tuxedo clown, Klein only cares about whether there is the so-called “clown” potion formula or corresponding clues, but this is not something that needs to be done in a hurry. He can work with Dunn, Al and others later. To do it, if the Nighthawks team gets it, it is almost equivalent to getting it themselves. They can’t be reluctant to part with the Sequence 8 potion formula. At worst, they will spend more time accumulating merit. After all, they have only become “Diviners” not long ago, and they are still far away from “digestion”. A long way.
As his thoughts swirled, Klein quickly walked up to Elhassen. The gentleman in a gray windbreaker struggled to sit up several times, but failed every time. He fell down and was covered in mud and dust.
/“Mr. Hazen, what do you need me to do?” He squatted down and asked, pointing the revolver diagonally at the ground to prevent accidental firing.
Al took a breath and sighed:
“That monster is too strong, if it doesn’t have weaknesses”
Having said this, he pointed to a sky blue metal vial next to him and laughed at himself:
“I originally wanted to take the potion, but my hands were shaking.”
The blue metal vial that day was about the thickness of Klein’s thumb and no more than five centimeters in height. The lid with a hidden spiral pattern fell to one side and was completely soaked by the liquid.
Klein reached out to pick up the vial, squinted at it, and replied helplessly:
“Mr. Hassen, there are only a few drops left on the wall of the bottle.”
“Look for it on Borgia, on the inside, in the inside pocket.” Al gasped continuously as he spoke.
/“Okay.” Klein stood up and asked casually, “Is this a healing potion?”
Mysterious side items
“No, it only has a certain therapeutic effect. Mainly, it mainly stimulates our spirit, squeezes the potential of our body, and allows us to maintain a good condition in a short period of time, support until we return, support until we accept, and receive treatment. .” Al tried to sit up, but failed again, “Its name is, Gaze of the Goddess. Remember to let Borgia drink half of the potion.”
Klein didn’t waste any more time, turned around, and quickly came to the side of Borgia, who was moaning in pain, and found the standard sky blue metal vial from the arms of the semi-conscious Nighthawk.
Unscrewing the cap, he carefully brought the mouth of the bottle to Borgia’s mouth.
Borgia sensed this and tried to open his lips.
The bottle tilted, and the dark red liquid flowed into Borgia’s mouth.
After estimating the weight, Klein stopped in time and screwed the bottle cap back on.
The effect of the potion seemed to be really good. Within a few seconds after Borgia swallowed it, the look in his eyes regrouped and he spoke in a low voice:
After saying that, he propped up his hands on the ground, sat up slowly, dealt with his inju