ucked away by the “magnet” at the top. Klein guessed what the other party meant and asked about his extraordinary path:

“What is the name of the Sequence 3 potion after the Magician?”
Zaratul’s beard moved slightly and said:
“Ancient Scholar.”
Ancient Scholar Although this sounds like a dead cultural relic dug out of a grave, Zaratul just mentioned “history” repeatedly, and the corresponding extraordinary ability is simply unbelievable. Klein asked again with a little joy:
“What about the corresponding sequence 0?”
Zaratul raised his head again, glanced at him, and then smiled lowly:
“You should have known it when you opened the door and escaped.”
I hate people like you the most. You only speak half of your words and always laugh without saying a word. Klein suddenly felt similar to Emperor Russell, so he moved his gaze to the stone statue next to him and asked:
“Who is this?”
Zaratul did not turn his head and said in a unclear voice:
“He is a descendant of an ancient god.”
A descendant of an ancient god, a descendant of “Destruction Wolf” Fregra. This ancient god seems to have the authority over the “dark night”. His descendants established the “Kingdom of Night” before Klein could ask questions, but he heard Chara Tu laughed and said:
“He also has a brother who should be familiar to you.”
/“Who?” Klein tried to remember, but couldn’t find the answer.
Zaratul said “Hey”:
“He gave himself a new last name.
Antigonus, Kingdom of the Night, Hornacis, Fregra Klein’s eyes lit up slightly, and he connected the fragmented information into a whole.
It is easy to understand that the Church of the Night destroyed the “Kingdom of Night” because of the struggle for power. It makes no sense to deal with the Antigonus family who inherited the extraordinary path of the “divineer” in a manner that can kill them all. There is no need to do so. To that extent, after all, the only things that can be interchanged with the “Sleepless One” path are “Death” and “Giant”.
Moreover, Klein had never quite understood why the Antigonus family had to place the treasure on the main peak of the Honakis Mountains, and why they trusted the people of the “Land of Darkness” so much.
Now, he finally understood a little bit.
Klein was about to ask again when he suddenly saw the crimson moonlight shining in the church window suddenly become bright and bright, causing the corpses hanging in the air to drag out shadows.
Hongyue understood that Klein’s heart was tense. Without any thought, he followed the emergency plan and directly raised his right hand, snapped his fingers, and lit a candle near another wall, far away from him.
At the same time, he attached “Resentful Soul” Senior to his body, jumped forward suddenly, continued to roll, and came to the nearest outer wall.
At this time, the entire church became extremely quiet, and there was no longer any echoing murmur.
Klein’s spiritual intuition did not receive any danger warning, but he discovered through the shadows on the ground that the corpses hanging in the air