nk about it seriously. If he wanted to cheat, what abilities in the “divineer” path could help:

“Turn all your opponents into marionettes? This way you can win as much as you want and become invincible. It has no practical value. It’s not like planning a death poker competition…
“It’s a pity that there are no mosquitoes here. Otherwise, I could control their ‘spiritual threads’ and turn them into marionettes to help me see other people’s trump cards…”
“The ‘Faceless Man’ can only change himself, not his cards…
“The illusion of the ‘magician’? Playing cards with ordinary people and mid- and low-sequence extraordinary people should have good results, but there are two demigods here…
/“Using the ‘Joker’s’ wrist ability to exchange cards? It’s useless. Dealing and shuffling the cards are all done by the waiter…”
In a flash of thought, Klein discovered that only the ability of the “divineer” seemed to be useful.
/He threw out two hole cards, indicating that he would not follow, then picked up a metal chip and flipped it back and forth between his fingers.
At this time, Emily Levitt suddenly looked up at him, then withdrew his gaze and pushed out a pile of chips.
Sure enough… Klein nodded inwardly without any surprise.
The last time he cooperated, he knew that Admiral Amyrius could distinguish between ordinary people and extraordinary people based on the difference in their “position”, and he suspected that the other party could even judge the level, or “position”, of an extraordinary person.
However, Klein is not too worried about this, because the “Cunning Mage” has a certain “secret” ability, which is also one of the special reasons why he can converge the gray mist and bless himself after reaching Sequence 4. This He was convinced that the other party would not be able to discover his rank, but he did not interfere accordingly in advance. He doubted that Amyrius could see that he was an extraordinary person.
Therefore, he simply took the initiative to show that there was a problem, and it seemed that it was easy to see through and be mastered.
Klein played with the chips in his hand and divined that he would have a lucky moment among the next few chips, but he couldn’t see which one specifically. After all, this was just a simple and quick divination, and the effect was Not so good.
Using this method to play against ordinary people and low-rank people is not a problem as long as you find the right strategy, but it is definitely not possible to deal with demigods. Even wanting to win against mid-rank people is more difficult… Could it be that every time you play, Want to close your eyes and relax and do a complete “dream divination”? Haha, in this case, Dwayne Dantès might be nicknamed the “Sleeping God of Gamblers”… Klein secretly sighed, continuing his previous style of discarding cards after reading them – he has already lost a small amount each. The blind bet and a big blind bet (that is, half the ante bet and an ante bet, and the ante bet in this game is 1 pound), it is my turn to have