eyes are dull, and he lacks a sense of agility.

Hearing Frank’s words, he didn’t know what he recalled, his body trembled slightly, he squatted down silently, opened his mouth, and made a sound of vomiting.
“Are you okay? I know you have worked hard, and I really need to thank you during this time.” Frank said to the “artisan” sincerely, “If it weren’t for you, this mushroom would not have such a strong tendency to reproduce itself, and besides, under the moonlight , its vitality will become extremely tenacious and capable of self-purification, which can effectively eliminate the toxins accumulated by devouring monsters. The only problem at the moment is that there is no moonlight in pure darkness, which is a problem we need to solve next.”
Sharf didn’t speak. After vomiting, he stood up suddenly and turned around to rush outside, but thick and powerful white mycelium spread over and pulled him back.
“Give me back my magical items! I want to die with these mushrooms!” He shouted crazily, his voice getting lower and lower, and his mouth seemed to be blocked.
At this time, somewhere outside the fishing village, green vines retracted rapidly, as if they were growing upside down.
“Admiral of the Stars” Cattleya walked out, her eyes dark purple mixed with silver.
The illusory murmurs from the “Hidden Sage” were still echoing in her ears, but she no longer felt the terror. It was not as overwhelming as before. What she could see were countless wandering figures with indescribable shapes, like shadows. A layer of thick curtains is an invisible line of sight cast from nowhere.
Compared with before, she could vaguely see the unknown existence hidden behind the curtain, and she could already see the moons of different colors in the sky. They were either blood red, silvery white, dark brown, or blue, like a moon. Eyes that only look at the earth.
Cattleya’s mind buzzed, and she quickly looked away, not daring to look again.
She has relied on analyzing the blood of the “Snake of Destiny” to complete the ritual, obtain divinity, and become Sequence 4 of the “Peeper” path, a “mysticologist”!
However, she remembered that the Queen once warned her:
Among all Sequence 4 of the twenty-two paths, “occultist” is the “profession” that is most likely to be in danger, because it is often possible to see things you shouldn’t see, hear sounds you shouldn’t hear, and touch things you shouldn’t. The secret to touch.
Therefore, if a “occultist” wants to live a long life, he must know how to restrain his curiosity and control his corresponding behavior.
Taking off the heavy glasses clipped to her clothes, Cattleya put them on the bridge of her nose, but the various things she saw in her eyes that did not belong to the real world did not disappear.
/She twitched her lips half in self-mockery and half in satisfaction, understanding that this item could no longer seal her prying eyes.
She closed her eyes for a moment, and then opened them. The pair of eyes were already dark, and there was no longer the mysterious deep purple and sil