hurch next door.”

The people here spoke a little strangely, or maybe it was just like this on nights like this. Klein tossed a gold coin to confirm that the other party was not lying.
When they were about to leave, the female voice in the telegraph office hesitated and said:
/“Can you please help me keep an eye on one person?
“He is mine, colleague. He went out before the wind blew tonight and never came back.
“His name is Pavocat.”
Pavo Court Cleeves did not directly respond to the woman behind the telegraph office door. He turned to look at Gehrman Sparrow, waiting for him to make a decision.
In the eyes of this former adventurer, it is a very difficult task for a group of more than a dozen people to return to the “White Agate” safely and smoothly. They cannot and should not be distracted by looking for help at this time. However, he also knew very well that the current pillars were Gehrman Sparrow and “Blaze” Daniz, and they had the power to agree or not.
/Klein was silent for two seconds, and then spoke in a moderate voice:
“What does he look like?”
He believed that having more information would help escape from this strange and foggy town, so he casually asked. As for whether he would help keep an eye on it, it all depends on what happens next.
While asking, Klein also warned himself not to delve too deeply into the matter, otherwise it would be easy to expose the danger lurking in Bansi Port.
Between understanding the situation and avoiding risks, he must be like walking on a balance beam, neither more nor less, neither left nor right, and impartial.
This may be easy or difficult, because no one knows what will happen if you step on it. You can only make judgments based on experience and intuition, and you may fall into a trap at any time. This makes Klein’s spirit highly tense and his thoughts are as fast as ever. .
In the thick darkness and thin mist, the door of the telegraph office was still closed. The woman inside paused and said:
“He’s a very handsome man.
“He has two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth.”
Why is this answer so scary? I’m afraid there is something wrong with this woman. According to the customs of Banxi Port, she shouldn’t have responded to “Fire Flame” at all. Daniz had the impulse to kick open the door, rush into the telegraph office, and check the situation inside. .
At this moment, he saw Gehrman Sparrow raise his hand and press his hat, then turn and walk to the side.
“Church of Storms.” Klein briefly mentioned the destination.
He paid no more attention to what was wrong with the woman in the telegraph office than he did to find out what secrets the owner of the Green Lemon Restaurant and the overnight diners hid.
The wind is getting weaker and weaker, the fog is thinner and remains unchanged, and the candlelight in the church faintly shines from the narrow window high up, like a lighthouse in the storm.
After Klein used the “solar halo” again, Donna and the others regained some courage. Like a drowning person, they desperately grabbed the last straw and walked qu