As for the negative effects of losing items on his body, Klein has a plan. He plans to put his wallet, Azik Bronze Whistle, Adventurer’s Harmonica and other items into his suitcase when he changes his equipment, leaving only “Wriggling Hunger”, Fish Human sleeve studs and various charms from the Poseidon realm, and pay close attention to the first two to prevent them from being lost.
According to probability, the most likely things to be lost by the “Fire” gloves are the charms, because they are the most numerous.
Klein is not worried about this. He has made several spells with different effects. You can use one, throw another, and throw another.
Besides, the metal corresponding to the Storm Domain is tin, which is very cheap and worthless. The extraordinary effect is given by the “Poseidon Scepter”, so it costs no extra money. Klein murmured and reached out to push open the window of his room.
At this time, the huge gray-black monster made of pieces of flesh climbed up a lot. As it approached, the hair of the busy sailors on the deck grew crazily, and soon exceeded their waists.
This is not the most terrifying situation. The most horrifying thing is that one of the flaxen hair seems to have a life of its own, crisscrossing left and right, entangling and binding its owner.
Clumps of hair showed similar changes one after another, and the bright sea of ??stars on the surface of the “Future” failed to completely block this effect.
For some pirates with shaved heads, they are not lucky because of their uniqueness. Their nose hairs are multiplying at a speed visible to the naked eye, blocking the breathing passages.
At the window of the captain’s cabin, “Admiral of the Stars” Cattleya had raised her arms at some point, and in her hands was a scroll that looked like it was made of smooth fish skin.
/As the ancient Hermetic incantation reverberated and the scroll burned silently, a light green light shot out from it and hit the monster’s huge palm that appeared on the edge of the ship’s side.
The squirming pieces of flesh spliced ??together by countless corpses did not stop at all. With one palm, it hit the bright sea of ????stars, causing the radiance to splash and the ship to shake.
The deep purple color in Cattleya’s eyes suddenly became intense. She didn’t take out a new scroll and directly pushed her right palm forward.
After the awkward and mysterious mantra came out of the pirate general’s mouth, the bright stars surrounding her flew away one after another and descended on the terrifying gray-black monster.
The starlight condensed instantly, creating a huge transparent amber, which wrapped all the squirming pieces of flesh in and restricted them to their original positions.
At this time, “The Strongest Hunter” Anderson had a dark dagger in his right hand. It seemed to have layers of evil patterns on it, but it was just an illusion.
Taking advantage of the opportunity for the terrifying monster to be trapped in the “Starlight Cage”, a layer of blazing white flames appeared on