“This shit weather” he looked up at the blue sky, white clouds and the sun that was not bright enough. He raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead and cursed with a slightly distorted expression.
Despite the scolding, Daniz actually knew very well that the temperature in the Southern Continent this season was moderate, even a little low. The reason why he was so hot was because of the “sun brooch” he wore. However, when he first arrived here, he still felt He didn’t dare to take off the brooch and stuff it into his suitcase because he didn’t know its status clearly. If he accidentally lost this item, he could fully imagine the cold and crazy look in Gehrman Sparrow’s eyes.
Come to a few people from the Northern Continent. They can come from any country. I am the great pirate Danitz who has mastered many languages. He kept muttering in a low voice. All that came to his mind were iced beer and floating water. Ocean of icebergs.
As he thought about it, he suddenly raised his hand and rubbed his eyes.
He finally saw a guy who was obviously from the Northern Continent.
Moreover, it seems that they may still be acquaintances
Diagonally in front of Daniz, at the street intersection illuminated by the warm sunshine, a young man with short blond hair combed into a three-part hair style was leaning against the wall, playing a silver-white harmonica.
He has a pair of green eyes, wearing a white shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned, a completely open black vest, dark trousers, and a solitary black glove. He is none other than the strongest hunter in the Sea of ??Mist, Anderson Hood.
/By such a coincidence, this guy actually came to West Balan. Daniz was overjoyed. He felt that he had finally caught a piece of driftwood in the vast sea of ??people. He didn’t care to think about Anderson’s performance on the “Golden Dream” and just went straight to it. He came closer and said hello in a hunter’s standard tone:
“Why can’t I stop being a treasure hunter and start performing on the streets?”
He noticed that there was a top hat placed upside down in front of Anderson, containing twenty or thirty brass coins, a small amount of which belonged to Intis “Kope”, and most of which were local “Delixi”.
“Delixi” means copper plate in Intis language.
Anderson stopped playing and glanced at Danitz:
“It’s not my hat.
“I just happened to pass by here and saw such a hat falling on the ground without anyone noticing. I felt a little emotional, so I took out the harmonica and played it casually. Who knows, many people listened and lost some money in it.
“A rude pirate like you probably can’t understand the charm of music. It has no borders. Let me tell you, your captain likes it very much.”
“Stop.” Daniz’s forehead jumped, stopping Anderson’s words that were going to go in any direction, and asked instead, “Why did you come here?”
Anderson held the harmonica and thought seriously:
“That’s a good question.
“I don’t know how I came to West Balam. What happened in the past two months, I can’t remember at all.”