After joining the anti-Church organization wearing the vest of Skull and Bones, the situation changed. From the moment he took over the task of finding the “Blood Moon Horn”, everything went wrong.
“Holy Lord, I have checked all the nobles who were most likely to come into contact with the Blood Moon Horn that day.
Before Kallis could finish what he said, the masked man waved his hand and said: “Now that we have locked the target, why should we hesitate? Just go and check!”
/As soon as he finished speaking, the masked man suddenly realized something was wrong, and then added:
Kallis nodded without hesitation.
It’s not that he doesn’t work hard, it’s just that the mountain leaders are too unfriendly to such strange visitors.
The Baojia system that goes down to the most basic level makes it impossible to keep his whereabouts secret.
Not only hotels had to be registered, but even visits to serfs’ homes were recorded.
Several times I tried to go deeper, but I was questioned by patrolling soldiers. After more experience, Kallis also realized that someone had tipped him off.
In order not to alert the enemy, Kallis was forced to pretend to be a merchant who was going to purchase a bunch of iron products.
Even so, he could only operate on the periphery. It is simply impossible to get close to the Lord’s Mansion.
Secret infiltration does not exist, and Kallis does not think that his stealth skills have been practiced to the point where he can hide it from the Earth Bear.
If you are unlucky and get slapped to death by Xiong Zai as soon as you pass by, that will be a big loss.
After getting this exact news, the masked man also had a headache. He was also unable to withstand the adult Earth Bear in the past.
What’s more, that’s their territory. Once their identity is exposed, they will immediately be surrounded and killed by the army.
“Suspend the operation. That bastard Hudson is too mysterious. He may be the reincarnation of a fallen evil god. It is not appropriate to confront him head-on.”
/Although the masked man spoke very carefully, there was always a sense of dissonance when the words came out of his mouth.
The leader of a cult formed and suspected that the enemy was an evil god, which was a bit funny no matter how you looked at it.
But there is no way, the masked man really thinks so. Others didn’t know what the Earth Bear was about, but he knew it.
It is not easy to ripen a young Earth Bear directly without leaving any side effects and causing the bear to rebound.
Even the Holy See, which has a profound foundation, cannot do it.
Within his cognitive scope, only the power of the gods could make it possible to achieve this step.
Combined with his granddaughter’s words that day, the masked man quickly connected Hudson with the gods.
Only the reincarnated gods and the energy carried in their bodies could pose a threat to the top powerhouses in the continent like him.
The older one is in the arena, the less courageous he becomes.
The masked man really didn’t want to mess with someone who was su