s out after piercing the Tianxin zombie, it will naturally move slowly or even fall to the ground.

s out after piercing the Tianxin zombie, it will naturally move slowly or even fall to the ground.
/Yuan Zhu was hit hard again and was knocked out about ten meters away. He screamed miserably when he landed on the ground. The blood spurted out stained the clothes on his chest red, as if there were dots of blood. Li Dashou and his people hurriedly surrounded him, took out the elixir he had taken before and pressed a few pills into his mouth. As expected, the elixir was still useful, just like it was like giving thirty lives in a video game, and he actually used the elixir again. Jiao was rescued. I’m so jealous. If we could have this elixir, wouldn’t it be easy to go on adventures in the future? Even if you can’t defeat a strong enemy for a while, can you still defeat it in a wheel battle?
“This zombie is extraordinary.” Yuan Zhu took a breath. He muttered, and I wanted to laugh. Do you need him to force me? Everyone can see it. It transforms into a zombie unusually quickly. Its reflexes and strength are better than other zombies I have seen. And the most important thing is that Tian Xin still survived after being stabbed, he has absolutely no weaknesses!
If a zombie doesn’t die even if its head is pierced, and it can still move as usual after its corpse energy is released, then why the hell is it still fighting? The whole thing is invincible!
The zombie slowly pulled out the dagger stuck in his forehead. A stream of green liquid flowed from his forehead. He threw the dagger on the ground and roared. This time, the roar sounded strange and seemed to contain a hint of ridicule.
“Build the Heavenly Thunder Evil-killing Formation!” Yuan Zhu, who was already red-eyed, shouted. After this order, Li Dashou’s expression suddenly changed, and he repeated the question: “Do you really want to set up the Heavenly Thunder Evil-killing Formation?” ?”
“Stop talking nonsense! Take action!” Yuan Yu lost two games in a row, and his expression changed drastically.
Li Dashou and the others looked at each other in confusion, then nodded and quickly separated, keeping a distance of about half a meter between everyone, and surrounding the zombies.
Formation is a very magical thing. I haven’t studied formation much, but I still know how powerful it is. To put it simply, if a person can kill one person at a time with a sword, then the formation is that a person uses a pistol instead of a sword and can kill several people at a time. However, it is difficult to set up the formation, and the side effects after being broken are strong. The so-called gains and losses are related to the formation.
/No formation in the world is invincible, and no formation is unsolvable. A great master of using formations is naturally also a great master of breaking formations.
There are two types of formations we can see today. One type has been inherited from ancient times and is very powerful, but it is relatively difficult to set up the formation and it is not easy to exert 100% of the strength of the formation as there are many remaining cop