via voice message.

via voice message.
“It’s not that it’s very powerful. It’s that it can’t be beaten to death.” Bai Ling said. “These virtual demons are immortal in the virtual sea. No matter how many times you kill them, they will be resurrected instantly. Do you want to try?”
“…Then forget it.” Wei He shut up decisively.
With that kind of body shape, what if he regains his eight-meter-long body? Will he be used as a toothpick for others?
If you don’t tell me that you are exhausted after playing for a long time, maybe someone else will have nothing wrong with you.
Without further ado, Bai Ling continued to dive.
This time, as the giant whale appeared, gradually, another group of small blue-light fishes quickly approached from a distance, circled around, playfully circled the two of them a few times, and then left towards the rest of the place.
Each of these small fish is like a knife, with a thin and sharp body, like a soft blade.
The white antelope waited for them to leave before continuing to dive.
This time, he did not simply go down, but swam diagonally towards the right front.
Wei He followed closely behind.
I don’t know how far I swam.
Groups of blue-light fish kept passing by the two of them, but none of them attacked them at will.
It seemed that the white antelope in front used some special method to make these virtual demons treat them as water and completely ignore them.
Wei He was also happy and relaxed.
“We’re almost there. There are gatekeepers in the center of the Void Sea. When you approach, as long as you don’t try to enter the gate, you won’t wake them up.
/Also, don’t get too close. Around these gates, in addition to the gatekeepers, there are also a large number of high-level Void Monsters. .
They have unique sensory abilities. If we get too close to the gate, we will be attacked by them.”
Bai Ling warned with a solemn expression. It was obvious that he had experienced that scene personally.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t be reminded so seriously.
“Understood.” Wei He nodded.
After the two of them worked together, they continued to swim forward.
Gradually, a huge triangular dark gold door appeared in the distance in front and below.
The door is embedded in the bottom of the lake, and its edges are covered with colorful stones that look like coral.
The door gap is a curved half-moon shape, and the surface of the door leaf is carved with various delicate monster patterns.
All kinds of grotesque monsters, looking like lumps of mud and vines, with messy eyes, surrounded both sides of the door, seeming to be constantly worshiping towards the crack in the door.
The entire gate is more than ten meters long and about seven or eight meters wide, which is not very big.
On the right side, there are two virtual demons guarding the door.
Wei He abruptly pulled his gaze away from the door and turned to the virtual demon guarding the door on the side.
The virtual demon looks like a human woman and is at least twenty meters tall, bigger than a door.
They have long hair, tube top