d. He looked at Zhong Yong and said, “Brother Yong, you also know about it. But you didn’t tell us?”

d. He looked at Zhong Yong and said, “Brother Yong, you also know about it. But you didn’t tell us?”
Brother Yong was startled, then nodded after a moment and said, “I know some things, but I don’t understand them very specifically. , I just knew that these little guys wanted to use you to take revenge on the Ling family, but I didn’t expect them to do it so brilliantly.”
The fat man sneered, took out three incense sticks, raised them high and shouted: “Hua Niu, can you save me? Shanzi, if you don’t save me, I will send you to hell.”
“We are not afraid of death. As I said just now, from the moment we start executing this plan, we are all ready to die. But I am not afraid of death either. I’m lying to you, Ba Xiaoshan won’t survive. It’s not that I don’t want to save him. The injury he suffered was not from the body but from the trauma on the soul level. In other words, his consciousness was injured. This is something I can’t cure.”
“Then . Just wait and be buried together.” The fat man looked anxious. On the other side, Luo Qiong turned into a demon again. Although his injuries were serious, he was already murderous and his eyes were full of hatred.
“Your feelings for Lai Guodong are my feelings for Brother Shan. It was Brother Shan who brought me out of the remote mountains. He is my relative and my eldest brother. If you harm him, you will be buried with him.”
The situation within the team that was originally relatively cohesive was changing rapidly. Team Zero watched the show without intervening. The black parrot flew in the air and said with a smile: “Hurry up and do it, I’m looking forward to it! Dead people, killings, hurry up.” !”
He seemed to have a special preference for killing. The fat man lit three incense sticks and immediately attracted people’s spirits. Just when he was about to take action, a man came out from behind and whispered: “I may be able to help.”
/Everyone immediately looked around and saw that the person speaking was actually Tang Yuyan! She was wrapped in a blanket and looked at everyone weakly.
Tang Yuyan stood in front of the angry crowd, her tired eyes and bloodless skin lowered her head slightly, looking exhausted.
“Yu Yan, didn’t you stay in Longyuan Ancient Land?” Fatty asked in surprise.
“I wasn’t worried, so I followed him secretly. Let’s not talk about it for now. I think I have a way to save Brother Shan.” She staggered forward, as if she would fall down at any time.
“How can I help? What can you do?” the fat man asked hurriedly.
“Brother Shan’s soul and consciousness have been traumatized now. If I can awaken his consciousness, he will wake up and come back from the brink of death.” Tang Yuyan said something mysterious, and Fatty didn’t understand. He shook his head and said, “What do you mean?”
“No one here knows the soul better than me. If I can use the power of the old woman in my body to enter Brother Shan’s body and talk to his soul. Awaken the soul. I can Bring him back and cough.” Tang Yuyan coughed a few times mid-sentence and looked very weak.