red with the “Blood Flower” ring, and the surrounding area is full of vitality. , the impact of flourishing flora and fauna is actually not that negative.

Since the negative effects of the two sealed objects are not a big problem, what needs to be considered is their function. The “Sword of Xiyin” obviously comes from the “Demon Hunter” of the “Warrior” path. Regardless of attack or defense, Both are quite powerful, can hide malice, and are good at dealing with demons. The “Life Cane” is good at creating and causing distortions, and is a quite evil type.
After a few seconds of consideration, when Derrick the Sun asked for the answer, Klein the Fool spoke neither fast nor slow, as if he was discussing an ordinary matter:
“Just the cane.”
He finally decided on the “cane of life”!
In fact, “Xiyin Sword” and “Life Cane” each have their own advantages, and it is not that easy to choose. Klein’s final decision was based on an uncommon reason:
/The “Life Cane” with its strange abilities is worthy of the adjective “mysterious”. It can effectively assist him in playing the role of “mysterious mage” and increase the speed of digestion of magic potions!
“Yes, Mr. Fool!” Derrick “The Sun” responded with uncontrollable joy.
This means that after completing the sacrifice and giving ceremony, he will receive the cross from the Creator.
After confirming this matter, he turned his attention to the figure at the bottom of the long bronze table:
“Mr. World, in addition to the complete brain of the adult psychic dragon, do you also need the higher-sequence potion formula of the ‘Cultivator’ pathway?”
Because the matter of the secret passage of the “Giant King’s Court” was shared with him by “The World”, the person Derrick could ask could only be this person, not Mr. Fool.
Of course, in Derrick’s view, “The World” is Mr. Fool’s favored one, and his answer also represents Mr. “Fool”‘s meaning to a certain extent.
The higher-sequence potion formula of the “Cultivator” path… Klein, the “Fool” sitting at the top of the long bronze table, suddenly had a headache and fell into a fierce inner battle.
/He can probably understand the thinking of the chief of Silver City. On the one hand, this senior “demon hunter” hopes to find a bright future through the exploration of the “Giant King’s Court”, but on the other hand, he is cautious not to have any hope. He had too strong expectations and was ready to continue to persevere in the darkness. Therefore, he mentioned the “Cultivator” potion formula mainly to see if Mr. “Fool” had the corresponding authority, or in other words, certain forces that he favored. Whether it is necessary or not, if this can bring feedback, it will effectively improve the living environment of Silver City.
As for Klein, Frank Lee recently wrote in a letter saying that the research is only one step away and that he should be able to succeed when he becomes a “druid”. This makes Klein very hesitant to push him.
…I don’t know what the future will be like… Let’s look at the present first. A Sequence 5 Extr