ime. If one of them is angered, the other one will definitely attack us together. Imagine two dragon whales. If they attack us together, at least one of our ships will suffer from two huge whirlpools. Nothing can happen to any of the three ships.” Old Man Tao revealed the true identity of these two giant monsters wandering around the three cargo ships. .

“What should we do? Just let them wander around us?”
“Yes, they are just on alert now and have not received an order to attack. I suggest that our three ships move back a certain distance and let them I don’t think we have any ill intentions, so we won’t be attacked.” Old Man Tao suggested retreating, and everyone fell silent.
“Haha, what if we kill them first before they launch an attack?” Unexpectedly, when everyone was silent, Ying Long suddenly said.
“What do you want to do? Ying Long.”
“I’m sure I can kill these two big guys. As long as I don’t get hit by their attacks, kill them first. Won’t this crisis be solved? We don’t have to retreat, right?”
Ying Long, the grandson, really knows how to find time to stir up troubles. Originally, when Zhong Ba and I were together, this grandson knew that he had no right to speak, so he simply remained silent and did not express his opinions like a dull gourd. Unexpectedly, Zhong Baba and I left one after the other. Now he knew his opportunity had come and jumped out immediately.
“No, this is too risky.” Old Tao objected immediately, but Deputy Director Xia rolled his eyes. He said with a smile: “I think this matter still needs to be discussed. Since they have no intention of attacking, I think it will be decided first. We will wait until the discussion is completed.”
Old man Tao is such a smart person. There is no one in the entire 507 that he can’t see through. , and there is no game that he cannot understand. Deputy Director Xia obviously had other meanings when he said this.
“It’s okay to be determined. But I don’t want the two of you to collude in private.” After finishing his sentence, Mr. Tao left the central control room.
After a while, Ying Long came alone to an open space along the boat. Not far away, I saw Deputy Director Xia leaning on the railing. Naturally, there were many bodyguards around him.
“Why did the deputy director ask me to come here?” Yinglong asked knowingly.
Deputy Director Xia waved his hand, and the surrounding bodyguards immediately retreated. Yinglong stepped forward at this time, and the two of them started whispering.
“How confident are you that you can deal with those two dragon whales today?” Deputy Director Xia asked.
/“They’re just two beasts. It doesn’t matter how confident they are.” Ying Long answered confidently.
“Do you want to be a senior executive of Institute 507?” After receiving Ying Long’s affirmative answer, Deputy Director Xia suddenly changed his tone and spoke elsewhere. Ying Long frowned and asked, “Of course I want to.”
“It’s not easy for you either. You followed Mr. Sha at a young age, and you probably have a little sister at home. After stayi