hu has any intention?”

hu has any intention?”
Zhuzi asked with a smile.
“I’ll go out and call my boss. Please wait for me for five minutes.” After saying that, he turned around and walked out of the room. He came back five minutes later and said, “My boss said, take it
100,000 yuan.” At these words, the fat man patted me on the back, showing his inner excitement.
/A deal of 100,000 yuan means that we can get 50,000 yuan. In other words, this one thing alone made us a lot of money. Not to mention Fatty’s excitement, I was also ecstatic inside.
“Brother Huzi really knows the goods. It’s only 100,000 yuan, how can we deliver it?”
Compared to young people like us who had never seen big money, Zhu Zhu was much calmer at that time, and he still calmly mentioned the payment.
“Leave the things with you, and I will withdraw 100,000 yuan in cash in three days to exchange them. Don’t sell the things to me within three days.”
Guan Xin agreed, and Zhuzi smiled cheerfully: “Brother Beard is so heroic, I’ll help you stay for three days. The business went well today. I’ll be the host tonight and we’ll all have a drink.”
Among the three, although the masked wizard was a little disappointed, Wang Zheng was the most displeased. The guy looked unhappy and turned around and walked out.
That could be said to be the first pot of gold I truly earned in my life, fifty thousand yuan. Many years later, this may not be a particularly large sum. In the future, Fatty and I would often take on large orders worth hundreds of thousands or even millions. But the feeling of earning 50,000 yuan has never happened again. That kind of joy is like owning the whole world.
That night, Fatty took a few of us to the disco, ready to go crazy. It was around nine o’clock at night, and the disco at that time was just like the bar that young people would go to later. All kinds of young people who wore more avant-garde and fashionable clothes at that time loved to go. This was the first time for Luo Qiong to follow us to such a place. He was stunned by the neon lights flashing above his head, the deafening music, and the strange dance steps, which dazzled Shanliwa.
“Brother, is this the big Shanghai?”
Luo Qiong asked the fat man.
“Haha, where are you! Big Shanghai? This is just a fucking place for dancing. Come on, I will take you to pick up girls!”
The fat man put his arm around Luo Qiong’s shoulders and walked towards the dance floor.
When we were young, we liked to wear floral shirts on the dance floor. Girls usually had a fluffy perm or left their hair long and straight. Wear a white shirt, a nice bow tie, and in winter, a sequined sweater. The lower body is either a pleated skirt or jeans.
There were also many people drinking, but not like the young people who drank foreign wine later. We drank a lot of beer at that time, and some people liked to show off when dancing, so they would break dance and shake their whole bodies. Fat people are people who love to strike up conversations. I would often find someone to chat with among girls, but unfort