good at the front line.

good at the front line.
“Haha. How can you hurt me again if you have the ability? My body-protecting aura has already been developed. Even if you hit me with a cannon, you may not be able to hurt me at all.” The old man is also very good at it. This body-protecting aura is his special skill. .
“Everyone has a cover. If I find you, I will kill you.”
After more than ten moves, the old woman’s situation gradually became passive. Not only is he backing up, but he seems to be losing his temper.
“Cover the door? If you have the ability to find it, old lady, I will kill you today! I didn’t like you back then, and if it wasn’t for the rules, I wouldn’t have done anything to you. Now my wish has been fulfilled!” Lao Ma! Suddenly he got angry and rushed to the old woman. The old woman cast a spell to block it, but Lao Ma forced it through. Then he got close to the body and grabbed the old woman’s wrist. He raised his other hand to stab the old woman in the heart.
/But at this moment, Tang Yuyan’s voice suddenly popped up in the old woman’s mind!
“His cover is on the third section of the spine behind him!” Tang Yuyan shouted. The old woman first held the other person’s arm and then asked, “How do you know?”
“Every time he raises his hand to attack the muscles on his back, it’s weird. It feels very strange to be lifted up. In addition, the third section of the spine, which is close to the spiritual sense, is the most important place for practitioners, and it is also the best place to protect. Hey, don’t hesitate. , Just listen to me!” Tang Yuyan kept shouting anxiously.
The old woman was also trying to be a living doctor. Anyway, if she kept fighting like this, she would definitely lose, so she made a desperate move and pushed forward. He knocked the old horse back a few steps, then suddenly squatted down, hooked the old horse’s legs and tripped him to the ground. This woman was different from men in fighting, and would often use some tricks that men could not think of.
The old horse stumbled, and just as his back was about to hit the ground, the old woman slapped the ground with her palm. The spiritual energy wandered on the ground and suddenly transformed into something like a thorn of earth that came out of the ground. This time, when the old horse landed on its back, it happened to hit the soil spur!
“Uh” the guy howled in pain. It looked like the injury just now was very serious, but logically speaking, it was just a thorn. After the mutation, he was invulnerable to swords and guns. Why was he in such pain because of a thorn?
The moment the old horse turned over and stood up, the old woman’s sharp eyes immediately saw that there were no obvious wounds on the old horse’s back and the skin was intact.
/This time the old lady knew it well, her skin was intact but her expression was so painful, she was either pretending or it was because it hit his vital gate and the pain was excruciating. Obviously the latter is more likely!
“Haha, junior, you are right, his cover is behind his back.”
Knowing where th