actice Buddhism or Buddhist principles, but learns the skills of Buddhist scriptures.”

actice Buddhism or Buddhist principles, but learns the skills of Buddhist scriptures.”
I nodded in confusion. After Zhuzi said these words, Xiaowei, who was originally quiet and strange, suddenly struggled. He stood up and kept fluttering his body, twisting and swinging wildly, trying to break free of the hemp rope.
He seemed to be afraid, or in other words, the resentment that had penetrated Xiao Wei’s body seemed to be afraid!
At this moment, Zhu Zi suddenly took out a copper coin from his arms. I knew that copper coin, and it was the Motan teaching tool that Lao Hei had used before. But this time he put the copper coin into Xiao Wei’s mouth and let him hold it in his mouth. I looked over nervously, and I could clearly see that the magic weapon of the Motan Cult was constantly turning black, as if it was dyed.
However, as the copper coins turned black little by little, Xiao Wei’s struggles gradually subsided, and he finally passed out completely and fell to the ground. The completely black copper coins fell out of his mouth.
Zhuzi carefully wrapped the copper coin with a piece of red cloth and put it in his arms, then turned around and said: “Your friend is fine, but he is still very weak now. It is best to rest for a few days and get more sun.”
Wang Jianjun hurriedly let go after hearing this. I walked with Zhuzi outside the health center.
“Today’s events will not be spread. The doctor here and I are old acquaintances. I also took away the bead that Shui Yi spit out. It can be considered as my labor fee.”
“Thank you for your help.”
/I was very polite . said.
He looked at me, as if he had something to say, and after pondering for a while, he said, “You’re not Lao Hei’s apprentice, are you? You should be just an ordinary person.”
I suddenly felt guilty and nodded in shame. But he waved his hand and said: “I don’t blame you, but there are a few things I have to say first. Those who are capable of or have been in our profession are destined to never be peaceful in their lives. You made a mistake. Whether it’s a collision or a secret arrangement, you have already dealt with us. You are a very lucky person. If you have a chance in the future, you will actually work in our business and want to ship or buy goods. You can contact me. This is my home phone number. I will go home in a while. If you have any business, you can call me.”
I didn’t expect that I would ask him for help soon after I returned to Shanghai . , of course, that is also a last resort.
Xiao Wei’s body is still very weak. After discussion, we decided to leave two friends who are close to Xiao Wei to take care of him, and the others will return to Shanghai first.
On the train back to Shanghai, Fatty and I slept in bunk beds. At that time, we were riding a green train, which was shaking very badly, and the train was also very noisy. I couldn’t sleep at night, so I just lay on the bed and watched with a flashlight. That ancient book.
After wandering around the Mosuo tribe, I felt more and more mysterious about this world. The eart