a broken wall. Is it a treasure house or some mysterious demon weapon?”

a broken wall. Is it a treasure house or some mysterious demon weapon?”
/The old sheep demon slowly walked to the entrance of the cave and looked at me with his old face in his hand. It showed a deep but vicissitudes of smile, and said: “There is something that everyone dreams of.”
It still didn’t tell me the real answer, but I seemed to be able to see it from the eyes that suddenly opened when it said this sentence. With a hint of brilliance, I discovered some secrets that I didn’t know.
/But I didn’t know it at the time, but what the Xingyue Demon Palace and the old sheep demon dreamed of would directly change the rest of my life.
When I returned to Beijing, there was a light snowfall. When I walked out of the train station, I raised my head while smoking and saw the falling snowflakes. Li Yulang in front of me was standing behind me with his bag on his back. He looked at the sky with my eyes, and then asked strangely: “What are you looking at?”
“Winter is coming.”
Holding a cigarette in my mouth, I walked into the chaotic but bustling crowd. Former Riyuro scratched his head, not understanding my sudden emotion. I looked at the sky strangely and said, “Isn’t it just snowing?”
In the base below Miyun Reservoir, I expected that none of Deputy Director Xia’s men came back, but what I didn’t expect was. They didn’t come back even after eight years. It is said that something went wrong over at Wolf Forest, which greatly delayed their progress.
So when I returned to Beijing, I was the only candidate in the huge base. Coincidentally. After I came back, I happened to meet Old Man Tao and Uncle Jia coming to Beijing to report on their work.
And I took the opportunity to ask Old Man Tao for a lot of information about the Xingyue Demon Palace and my requirements. Old Man Tao showed a very strange expression at that time. There is very little information about the Xingyue Demon Palace. Regarding the outer world that existed in the mythical era and is obviously far away from today, many people feel that even if it really exists, it has been exaggerated. , and even if there is such a huge demon palace hanging high in the so-called sky, it must be a large ancient land that is absolutely impossible to be opened by humans.
“Regarding the Xingyue Demon Palace, the earliest exploration began during the Zhu Di period of the Ming Dynasty. We all know that Zheng He made seven voyages to the West. Although the first six voyages wasted people and money and caused serious financial problems for the Ming Dynasty, which was not wealthy, it also caused serious financial problems. It opened up the connection between the Ming Dynasty and the world, and brought back a large number of precious seeds, animals and even foreign envoys. However, from the information I obtained in the Ceyuan Fairy Mountain, I found that Zheng He’s voyages to the West seemed to have a purpose. It’s not simple. He seems to have been to the East China Sea and visited the connection point between the Xingyue Demon Palace and the East China Sea recorded