up of demon hunters around him.

up of demon hunters around him.
Zhou Guobang sneered and said, “It seems that these two stone spirits underestimate us.”
Hearing this. I was stunned for a moment, and turned around and asked, “Have you ever dealt with a white snake stone spirit in the past?”
“I have never dealt with a white snake-like stone spirit, but I have dealt with a stone spirit. The stone spirit is also a kind of spirit. Although it is rare outside, it is rare in the world. It can also be found in some ancient ruins, and it can also appear in Lingshan, and some stones that fall in places with sufficient spiritual power will also appear to be psychic. ”
It seems that I underestimated Zhou Guobang’s group. I originally thought that it was light. These two white snake stone spirits are enough for them to drink a pot. They didn’t expect them to be so experienced.
“Start work!”
Zhou Guobang shouted, and several people shot crossbow arrows at the same time, but strangely, none of the crossbow arrows hit the White Snake Stone Spirits, but hit the ground around them.
“What kind of damn accuracy is this! It’s more accurate than me!”
I cursed in my heart, but then the crossbow arrow suddenly exploded, and several crossbow bolts exploded in succession. The power was not small, and the underground cave shook non-stop. The fire fills the air and black smoke rises.
“How did this arrow explode?”
I said in surprise.
/Wu Chang next to me took a crossbow arrow and put it in front of my eyes. Only then did I notice that there was a small circle of small explosive bags tied to the arrowheads of these crossbow arrows, and there was a small detonator on it. It seemed to be specially made, with lead wire wrapped around the explosive bag.
The big black snake rolled in the open space, and Zhou Guobang jumped from the air. Standing in front of us, looking a little tired, I saw that there was no trace of blood on his bronze sword.
“Why is there no blood?”
I was wondering.
“That’s the shadow summoned by the spirit summoning method!”
/Zhou Guobang said with a frown after hearing this. Several of us were stunned.
Ding Wu hurriedly asked: “Brother, do you think this black snake is not real?”
“Well, damn, this black snake was summoned by the spirit summoning method. It is a phantom. It looks fierce but is actually useless. No. But the person who cast the spell was very clever, and the phantom he summoned was very similar to the real thing, so I didn’t notice it when I first took action, and it only looked fierce on the outside, but it couldn’t hurt us at all!”
He raised the bronze sword in his hand. Only then did he realize that there was no blood on the bronze sword. Ding Wu and others immediately showed expressions of realization.
The big black snake struggled and twisted back and forth in the open space. After a while, it gradually stopped and finally became silent. After another ten minutes, his entire body slowly disappeared.
Ding Wu said in surprise.
At this moment, I was observing the inside of the cave. It was obvi